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Today was a complete washout day! It rained while I was unhooking electric and water and hooking up the car, while I got gas without a roof overhead, while I got out to fix the passenger wiper blade, while I drove over 200 miles, and while I set up at the Contryside Campground in a town just east of Akron. Rain is forecast for the whole night and there's an 80% chance of rain tomorrow. It had to happen sometime, I suppose. At least it wasn't pouring real hard while I was on the move, so my visibility was okay.

I was directed to a pull-thru site at the end of a row and was told to go down the lane the wrong way so I can make the turn into the site. But, wow was it tricky! I had to get out and check to see if I was going to hit the tree that was in front of me and I ended up in a tough spot with the car at almost a 90 degree angle, so there was no way to take it off so I could back up Miss Daisy and maneuver into the spot. A nice neighbor came out in the rain to help me. Turns out I missed the tree and threatening branch by an inch or so and that the car got straightened out enough to get unhooked. I had to unhook it because it was sticking out into the lane and the MH wasn't in the best position for leveling and hooking up. So, I think this site definitely makes one of the top 10 hairiest places to park!

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