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Mile "0" of the Alaskan Highway

One of the Murals

Kinuseo Falls. So Beautiful!

We pulled into the Mile "0" RV Park in Dawson Creek, BC, at about 3 in the afternoon. We were kinda lucky to get a site because they had a caravan coming in and they had most of the campground reserved. I guess this is something we will have to deal with all the way into Alaska.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, the American and Canadian governments felt the need to shore up and protect the sovereignty of North America. In response, a secure land transportation link was needed to transfer military goods, materials, and men from the continental states to Alaska. After a little over nine months of intense construction, the Alaska Highway was complete. Completed on November 20, 1942, this remarkable achievement has developed into a major transportation link in North America. Beginning at Mile "0" in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, this engineering marvel continues through the Yukon Territory and ends at Delta Junction, Alaska. The 1528 mile road included 133 major bridges and more than 3000 culverts. The cost was approximately $140 million U.S. war time dollars.

Dawson Creek, a small northern Canadian community with a population of 600 people, bustled and swelled with activity when the trains carrying American troops began to arrive. In a matter of weeks the town's population exploded to 10,000. Regiments of American engineers, Canadian and American civilians and some 7,000 pieces of equipment were thrown into action against some of the toughest and most unforgiving wilderness areas in the world.

We took a walking tour of the Historic part of the city. Many of the original buildings remain, while some of them have been refurbished. There are murals everywhere and each one of them represents some aspect of the building of the highway and the community's history relating to that important era.

On Friday, we took a day trip to Tumbler Ridge and Kinuseo Falls. Now, when I say day trip, I mean day trip! The closest town to Tumbler Ridge is about 75 miles, and the falls is another 30 miles of gravel road! However, the trip was worth it as the Kinuseo Falls is amazing. This falls, which is on the Murray River, is actually higher than Niagara Falls, but not nearly as wide. This area of BC is truly awesome. We had a nice little picnic lunch at the overlook, then headed back to Dawson Creek. It was a nice day.

Sunday morning it will be time head up the Alcan Highway on the way to Alaska. Not sure when our next post will be. It depends on where and when we can get internet access. Check back often.

Follow us in our adventure..........

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