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Hey everyone,

So after many months in Thailand, we made our first trip to a Thai zoo. We had assumed we would spend a couple of hours ambling around the zoo, but like everything else in Thailand, it was nothing like we expected. It was the most spread out zoo in the history of zoos, so two hours quickly became five hours of zoo fun. When we arrived at the zoo, we knew we had to come to the right place when the first exhibit was flamingos. It was a happy home coming for Bernie to see so many of his relatives. Of course, we looked a bit like lunatics when we pulled out a plastic pink flamingo. I think that the Thai people were worried we would pull out a plastic animal for every exhibit (I kind of wish we had :).

After the extensive Bernie photo shoot, we moved on to the other animals we came to see. Many of the exhibits had animals from Thailand, which is rather strange to us. As Americans, we are used to seeing exotic animals at the zoo, in Thailand, you could see some of the same animals on a hike (for free). Some of the highlights included the koala, monkeys, and the big cats (lions, tigers, jaguar, black panthers). While looking at the big cat exhibits, we started wondering why aren't there any big dogs? Why did nature select huge cats but no huge dogs? Anyone reading this who has any theories, please let us know.

While at the jaguar exhibit, there was a sign posted about feeding time and it was about the time we were there. So decided to hang around and see the jaguars being fed, however instead of feeding (the food never came), we found ourselves witnesses to jaguar lovin'. On a side note, we also saw ostrich lovin' (it must be mating season). That's about it for the zoo, we can't imagine what goes on after hours.

Much more to come...


Kate, Carla, and Robin

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