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Well Bologna is pretty much a university town which suffers extremely from the lets piss off early disease that infects a lot of Italians.

We caught up with some Aussie and a Kiwi guy and sat around watch movies on a laptop and getting even more red wine into our alcohol systems.

A quick trip to the local supermercato and we were all munching on hot chickens, fresh bread and pre packaged salads- Great stuff.

Bologna has two remaining leaning towers which are a true tribute to Italian building skills.

It's like they had the renaissance and then the renovations or something because a lot of buildings have a tilt of at least five degrees off level.

So a day spent amongst mainly closed museums was made very enjoyable by the archeological gallery which has the full contents of an ancient pharaos pyramid on one floor. Kirsty was pretty stoked, as was I, and I am sure her mum is spitting chips about not being there as well.

We even saw the real mummy and all the organ jars etc.

We ended up getting lost after seeing a woeful nude photography exhibition and paying 4 euros each for a gallery that had the still life scene painted forty different ways and was said to be "super".

I have a shorter S word that really describes it. What XXXX stands for!!

The day was made great by the appearance of Guido the magnificent, surely one of the world most committed tour guides.

After handing us a pamphlet in English, Guido jumped into an hour long tour spoken in fluent Italian that has us laughing and being amazed without really understanding a word.

The council or municipal chambers he was in charge of were beautiful with some excellent examples of the Bologna school of art (circa 1400's) use of illusionary painting which made four columns on the roof appear to be bent until you stood in certain spots, looked again and they were straight again. Then again, maybe the Italian construction model is based on the exact opposite theory.

Thing was they got drunk (they drink ALL day) had a strike and ended up cocking the whole thing up.

Another night was spent with some Aussies who had a jar of vegemite and instantly became Kirsty's best friend, buddy and old pal because of this.

So off to Forence the next day and the "crack house"

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