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Cooperstown Family Campground


9/17/2014. Wednesday. Uh Oh!

Travel day this morning led us first thing to an Indian reservation gas station where the gas is cheaper because the Indians don't have to pay federal or state taxes on gas.

The Navigator plotted a path to Cooperstown using hwy 104E to hwy 20E and then to hwy 28S to Cooperstown. Although this route on these back roads would be slower, it would be more scenic AND we would bypass Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse thus avoiding potential strife in the cabin of the RV.

The drive, as expected, was beautiful allowing us to see some pretty little towns some which called themselves hamlets, villages, towns or cities. Puzzling over the distinction among of the various names given to these burgs, the Navigator looked up the definitions on her iPhone. Hamlets consist of a few100 up to 1000; a village usually has a population from 1000 to a few thousand; a town can have many thousands and a city has no limit on its population. Well, this is your geography lesson for the day.

Our scenic route took us over the top of the Finger Lakes Region and into the foothills of the Adirondacks. The driving was relatively easy but there were some steep grades to be conquered and the poor RV engine got a workout especially on the down hills. The Nav spotted a great looking Farmer's market and wanted to stop and buy fruit; I pulled over onto the shoulder of the road tempting a constable of the law to issue this Southern Boy a ticket as reparation for the Civil War. The Nav made her purchases and off we went avoiding all law enforcement in this little village.

Suddenly, out of nowhere idyllic hwy 20 disappeared and hwy 5E appeared under our tires hurling us terrifyingly onto I690 directly toward Syracuse at rush hour! Pandemonium erupted in the cockpit as the Pilot implemented his white knuckle grip on the helm and barked incoherent orders to the Navigator to get us out of this disaster. The Navigator was trying to calm the Pilot by yelling and screaming at him to just listen to her instructions. The Navigator had almost filled the cockpit with paper maps as she tried to plot an escape route. All the Pilot heard was the panicked rustling of paper, the beeps from a digital device and the mumblings of a stressed Navigator. Take I81S was the solution the Nav pried out of her navigation tools. The RV was now plunging through the rush hour traffic in the dead center of Syracuse and bucking its way over tall overpasses and ill-repaired roadways until finally we shot, like an egg from a Fallopian tube, to the south of Syracuse and out of imminent danger. After the cockpit crew settled down, the Navigator got us back to the elusive hwy20 and we had a pleasant drive over to hwy28S.

It was getting very late and we had been on the road all day, so I asked the Navigator to get us a campground near Cooperstown. She found one, the Cooperstown Family Campground, and it had all the prerequisites: pull through, sewer, water, electric, wifi and cable hookups. The Navigator entered the address into her iPhone GPS and the Pilot was greatly relieved to have a landing zone for tonight. As we entered Cooperstown area, the GPS instructed us to take a right onto Day Rd. Day road hits hwy28 at an impossible angle for a right turn but the Pilot's deftness at the helm allowed us to barely make the turn. Pandemonium once again erupts with a vengeance as the Pilot sees he is now on a 11/2 lane gravel road heading into the hills of the Adirondacks with no option of turning around! The Pilot had to open his window to empty the cockpit of expletives as they were reproducing at an alarming rate. Luckily, a car was coming toward us so there must be life out here. I flailed my arms like a windmill in a hurricane and the car stopped. I asked the lady driving the chariot from heaven if there was place up ahead where I could turn around. The Navigator told her where we were headed and she told us to continue ahead and take a left at the intersection and we would reconnect with Hwy28. We drove through some farm country and I would swear the Hills Have Eyes ( a good horror film)!

Finally, we get to the campground and pull into our site. We are the only ones here. The young man who owns the campground drove up in his truck to make sure we made it alright. This is a great little campground and we are parked across from a beautiful little lake. Thursday we will see the Baseball Hall of Fame and then explore Cooperstown. After the excitement of getting here, we are scheduling a recovery day so we will be leaving Saturday morning and heading for Hershey, Penn.

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