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Severn Bridge - on the way to Wales

Tesco in Wales - note opening hours in Welsh & English

Long Bridge on Way to Portishead (Like the Gateway). Site of Dylan's...

Portishead - now that's a Lock!

Portishead Marina

A wonderful days cycling. 111km in total. Weather was mostly fine, a rainy patch in the middle of the day got us wet but we'd dried out by the end of the day. Quite incredible that the sun was shining in our hotel window at 7 in the evening.

We started out this morning with bellies full from a delicious cooked breakfast and a wave goodbye from Mandy & Patrick at the Beaufort Arms.

20km of road and cycle ways brought us to the Gloucester Docks. Back to canal riding for about 15km. This canal was much wider. Along with the usual long narrow canal boats, there were bigger & wider boats - they'd never make it through the locks further north.

We stopped at Saul Junction for morning tea. Locally produced Winstone's Cotswold ice cream and a cuppa. Being Sunday, there were canal boat rides and volunteers from the Cotswold Canals Trust providing the food and entertainment.

Then, we were on to country roads. Rolling hills in the distance and gorgeous farm houses, villages and churches that looked like castles. Stone and Tudor architecture ruled.

One Village just after Saul Junction was stunning. Tudor houses, some with thick thatched roofs. Very Shakespearean.

As we wound along the country roads, I stopped to see how close we were to the River Severn that runs between Wales & England. Turned out, very close to the Severn Bridge that goes over the River to Wales and has a cycleway. D wasn't impressed but T & I thought it'd be cool to have lunch in Wales! So, over the bridge we went. Very disappointed there was no 'Welcome to Wales' sign for a photo. Best we could do was a Tesco with Welsh writing on the front. We lunched on a patch of grass next to Tesco - not quite as glamorous as we'd hoped but we did have lunch in Wales.

Then, it was back to England. A few more country roads and then cycleways all the way to Portishead. The cycleways went through industrial areas, including a huge energy resource centre & monstrous wind turbines and over a bridge very much like The Gateway back home. T & I walked into the Portishead marina. Quite incredible - very different to anything else we've seen on our journey. We're going to take D in the morning.

Yellow VW count: D - 6 (OMG!), S - 1 (l+1 Fox, 1 black & yellow convertible), T - 0 (+1 Lupo, 1 Fox)

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