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Ken behind woman pushing fruit laden cart on our hotel 'street'

Human Trap type #1

Trap type #2

Trap type #3

Trap type #4

Lidia in Bamboo Jungle

Looking Up

Necklaced Laughing Thrush

Although we are not fans of military/war sites, the Cu Chi Tunnel complex outside of Saigon is noted as being a worthwhile visit. Unfortunately our guide's English was limited. But the tour group behind us had a well spoken knowledgeable young lady guide. So, we joined that group, and she did not mind, even when we asked questions. The 75 mile tunnel complex was just a small section of the immense tunnel complex throughout Vietnam. Attempts in 1966 & 1967 to destroy the system were largely unsuccessful due to their strategic design, and extensive route system. Not to mention the danger involved in finding, entering and navigating in the system for the 'Tunnel Rats' who entered them in attempts to destroy them. 'Tunnel Rats' was a U.S. news correspondent adaptation of the original team from Australia who were the 'Tunnel Ferrets'; correspondent did not know what a ferret was. It was from the Cu Chi complex that the 1968 Tet Offensive was launched.

Lidia did sight a 'Lifer' while we sat at a pinic table after touring the complex; a Necklaced Laughing Thrush flew in and perched in a nearby tree for a brief time.

A story I forgot to tell about the border entry to Vietnam :

Back in Austin I had learned that a different visa is required if you enter the country via a land crossing vs. flying into an airport. Obtaining the visa online from the Vietnam Embassy in Washington, D.C. was a quick, efficient process. Evidentally a couple of our fellow bus passengers did not get, or understand, that 'memo', and so, thought they could get a visa at the border. The bus agent tried to explain that they may be stranded at the border, but they had a flight to catch upon arriving in Saigon and so 'chanced it'. They were successful but it cost each of them $250 cash !

Tomorrow, Megan, Ken, Lidia & I fly to Hanoi.

Ciao for now

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