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Bufflehead bathig


Canadian Geese

Beautiful Goose

Cinnamon Teal Pair

Hawk Hunting

Northern Pintail pair

Northern Shoveler female

Pintails dappling

Beautiful Pintail

Red Winged Blackbird

Sandhill Cranes browsing

Sand Hill Crane

Snow Geese flying in

And, more geese coming

Bufflehead's return

Here's a gaggle of geese

Cormorant posing

oops. We like the photo..hehehe

Like this one also

Bald Eagle looking at us

Northern Shoveler pair

Love the Snow Geese

Serene goose

A lot of Waterfowl

Wilson's Snipe

More Snipes looking for food

Canadian Goose pair

Geese watching Pintails go by

Great Blue Heron

Heron taking off in flight

And there he goes

Old Oak Tree

Riverbend Hot Springs Mural

Looking down the Rio Grands from the hot springs

and, down the river

Another down river shot

Lesser Scaup pair

Lesser Scaup

We wanted to visit the Bosque de Apache NWR midway between Las Cruces and Albuquerque. We have heard about the birds at Bosque from a couple of different biologists in our travels. We missed going there 2 years ago when we were in southern New Mexico. The closest RV Park for our stay was in Truth and Consequences (T&C).

The Monday trip from Tucson was 300 miles but it did not seem that long since it was all Interstate Highway with little traffic. We arrived about dark at the RJ RV Park in T&C. It was an older park and all gravel. We were escorted to our site which was on the upper level. We were also given the low down on all the restaurants and hot springs in town. We proceeded to get settled for the night.

Tuesday Ed had a conference call so we were at the coach until noon. We decided to go to Bosque for the afternoon and check it out. We loaded the dogs and all our camera gear and drove the hour to the park visitor center. After getting some local information and maps, we went on the southern driving loop. Boy were we impressed that afternoon with the waterfowl! We saw many species of ducks including our first Bufflehead, Pintail and Cinnamon Teal. We saw Snow Geese, Canadian Geese and Sandhill Cranes. Needless to say, we stayed until sunset and we could not see or take pictures. I think we took 250 photos that afternoon.

When we got back to T&C it was late and we were tired so we decided to try the recommended Mexican Restaurant across the street from the RV Park. It was not much to look at, but the food was great. It had the best Chili Rellenos we have had. We actually ordered a dozen to go with the green sauce to be picked up on Thursday and we froze them for later meals.

Wednesday we started our trip back to Bosque about 9 am and packed a lunch to eat there. A second great day of bird watching and photos. Another 250 photos to go through and process. We will have a record of a lot of birds we have not photographed before. We were back before sunset on Wednesday but not by much. A quick dinner and then we spent the evening looking through the pictures of the day. Great fun.

Thursday was a day at the coach to get straightened up, do a little work and then we went to one of the hot springs in the afternoon to enjoy a soak. We picked up the Chili Rellenos and put them in the freezer. We were ready for our move on Friday towards Texas.

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