Fall '07 travel blog

This is the beach where our campsite was located.

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse ... check the red light

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse ... long shot

North Point Lighthouse

North Point Lighthouse at Sunset

Waves out from our campsite

Incoming Ship into Columbia River

Mouth of Columbia River

Washed Up from a shipwreck

Windswept Foliage on coast

View to the north of North Point

Nearing Sunset





Gulls at sunset

Kites at dusk

View from campsite following sunset

One critter seen ... a lonely coyote

Cape Disappointment State Park Campgrounds has to be one of the best state campgrounds we have ever seen. The entire campground is designed for "big rigs" ... that is, all campsites are probably 50' long and very easy to back into. Restrooms/Showers nearly new and very well kept. I guess that's probably the secret ... the campground is relatively new and caters to contemporary camping and RVing.

Our campsite was within 100 yards of the tide ... with a path directly to the beach. My bedtime prayers included a request for no tsunamis tonight. The roar of the ocean was even greater than our last setting. Sunset over the ocean was gorgeous. The beach was a great place for the morning walk.

Cape Disappointment is within sight of the mouth of the Columbia River. This location on the Columbia as it intersects with the Pacific Ocean is known as the most dangerous waters to traverse on the west coast. Over 2000 shipwrecks have occured in these waters since records were begun back in the late 1700's. Ships entering the river on their way to inland ports like Portland Oregon must have a guide boat assist them to be sure they stay within the channel.

Lots of pics ... a couple of lighthouses, sunsets, roaring waves, etc. ... hope you enjoy.

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