Bonkoski's Alaskan Trip Journal 2008 travel blog

Leaving the Calgary area; heading westward on Highway 1, for Banff, AB

Gorgeous views of the Canadian Rockies as be continue west

Road sign showing kilometers to Banff and Canmore, AB

Entering into the mountain area; heading westward to Banff

A small lake along the road, before Canmore, Alberta

Photos of the photographers

Larry, Darlene, and Lacey along side the small lake

Jake & Kiki

Kiki, the "mountain dog"

Canmore, Alberta (apprx. 25 minutes from Banff)

Downtown area on the main street of Canmore, Alberta

Canmore, AB

I thought this was a pretty little church, in Canmore. Lilacs are...

Mule deer just a short distance from where we camped in Banff...

Jacob was able to get very, very close to these mule deer

Close enough to almost be able to pet them, if they would...

They appeared to be lined up for a delicious dinner of wild...

A mule deer in velvet

Larry, on the road

The Upper Hot Springs pool in Banff, at 39 degrees cel

The three of us in the caves at Banff

In the caves at Banff

Rob, at a small lake near Canmore, Alberta

Yeah! SUNSHINE is experienced during our morning hours in Calgary, Monday, June 9th! We are now anticipating a short day of travel. After 4 full days of continuous driving, Bob and Larry are ready for a 1 ½ to 2 day rest. We were told by Jacob’s aunt, that the town of Canmore, AB was not to be missed. Exiting, in Canmore and finding a place to park the motorhome, in this gorgeous and mountainous town, was somewhat difficult. Luckily, Jacob and I had been driving the Jeep since we left Calgary, and we were able to scout out an area to park the rigs. Canmore reminded me somewhat of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, but smaller in size. A very artsy and touristy town, we enjoyed a nice lunch at the Bear Paw Pub. We had made reservations a few days prior to stay 2 nights in Banff National Park, with 2 nights following in Jasper National Park. As we entered Tunnel Mountain Trail Court, in Banff, we were told how to handle the wildlife and what to expect if Kiki and Lacey became a coyote’s dinner.

We kept the dogs on short leashes and never left them outside by themselves. Shortly after hooking up both coaches, Rob and Jacob went out with cameras in hand, in search of wildlife. Not more than 10 minutes, Rob returned very excited with news that there were “large creatures” just a short distance from the motorhomes. Jacob and Rob were both able to get some great shots of the large mule deer, that acted as pets in the park, and stood there while being photographed at a very, very close distance. Once again, it was drizzling, but Bob, Darlene and I enjoyed watching the mule deer and the boys quietly taking photos. Larry missed the first real wildlife experience; he was already taking a nap. We decided to let Larry rest, and the five of us headed into Banff, with bathing suits and towels. The Upper Hot Springs Pool, situated in the Canadian Rockies, offered a beautiful view and a wonderful relaxing experience of 39 degrees Celsius. Upon returning to the campground, Larry was rested, but we were exhausted! Once again, a late dinner, a hooting owl, then bed!

Tuesday, June 9th, brought yet more rain. We were not going to let the damp weather stop us from seeing Banff. We set out to capture photos of the wildlife and to see the cave of the original hot springs that started the first Canadian thoughts of Banff National Park, during the 1920’s. We were told by the park ranger to head towards Lake Minnewanka. Shortly after viewing the awesome mountain lake, we ran into five Big Horn Sheep on the side of the road. Three were perched upon the top of the roadside cliff, while two young ones grazed from the roads’ edge. Without allowing the rain to stop us, we were able to get some dreary dark photos of these large sheep. As like the mule deer, they didn’t seem to mind us being there and were actually enjoying their “Kodak moments”! Our second stop was the hot springs cave, in the town of Banff. Very interesting underground cave that harbored a pond of fairly warm sulfur waters and a slate built outside pool, which was no longer used. Banff was beautiful; even in the rain and the overcastted skies. It was also very expensive, being situated in the National Park. That evening, Jacob was able to participate in a jam session that was held in Canmore, where we had lunch the day before; the Bear Paw Pub. Darlene and I decided to take an evening out, and thoroughly enjoyed the original acoustic guitar music of my son, Jacob. I was bummed when I realized we did not bring a camera. However, he was awesome and the Canadian crowd loved him! Since it was the only night to explore the town of Banff, Bob and Rob took advantage and enjoyed their walking tour and visit to the town, plus a few beers at the local pubs, then ended up taking a cab back to the campsite. The three of us arrived back at the park in Banff, around midnight; luckily not encountering a large creature while I drove back in the rain.

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