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Universal Studios

Picked up from the hotel and then found our bus of Universal Studios. The driver was a wealth of information. The freeways are huge. Fastest lane is kept for only vehicles carrying more than two people, so we whizzed along . Hardly anyone using it. Saw ‘Grease” Canals, “Speed “off ramp, Into the downtown area past Michael Jackson’s last rehearsal place….Staple Centre stadium. Dropped us off at Universal. So pretty much there for the day. it’s a theme park as well. Had a few screaming rides. The studio tour was cool…we saw Desperate housewives Wisteria Lane, street scene, Jaws, Tokyo Drift cars flipping and being shot at. San Francisco earthquake, sets of buildings resembling Europe, Westerns.

We went down Jurassic Park and went on its incredible ride. must have been a 70m slide into the water . My stomach really got a battering. There were no cues Everyone like the Egyptian Mummy Ride….wow. Actors were out on the street…Adams family, Cleaners who could really dance. Water world was cool. The show was entertaining and wet for some. Lots of guns, stunts and action. Time went quick.

Bus picked us up and we drove into Hollywood for a short stop. Wandered along the Stars and past the Chinese Theatre. Bought a couple souvenirs. Back on the bus and into Beverly Hills. Looked really nice. Palm Trees and flash cars…..down Rodeo Drive….thank goodness the bus didn’t stop. Back on the freeway out to Anaheim good half hour away. Had been a big day. As well pretty tired and jetlagged so tomorrow might be a rest day.

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