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My home for the next 6 months

I slept until 9:00am then we all went to O’Connor’s, the motorhome dealer in Chilliwack which is about 20km down the road. I knew that picking up my motorhome wasn’t going to be a ½ hour exercise but this was an all-day marathon even though it was already paid for.

There were all kinds of extended warranties to consider, then we had to go to the BCAA (auto club) to get the new licence plates, registration, compulsory insurance & optional collision cover.

Although it’s quite legal for me to buy a motorhome here, the system wouldn’t handle an Australian address so we had to use Mike’s. Then I thought we had it all sorted & paid for a 12 month registration & insurance when I was told that the insurance wasn’t valid if I was out of British Columbia for more than 6 months.

I said that wasn’t going to work so we had to back all that out & start again with a 6 month registration & I’d have to come back to Vancouver in October instead of storing the motorhome in Halifax & doing the return journey next year. The whole exercise at BCAA took nearly 2 hours & we were all exhausted so we went off & had some soup for lunch at a great little market.

Then I realized that all the time they’d been telling me that I had to come back to Vancouver within 6 months (which I am, on my way home in October) but nothing about the motorhome having to come back so the option of storing it in Halifax is still possible.

Back to O’Connor’s after lunch & I decided to take a 3 year extended warranty so did the paperwork for that, then had the walkthrough which took a long time because there was so much to learn about.

After that was finished, she drove the vehicle to the front of the lot & I noticed one of the outside storage doors was open & wouldn’t close no matter how hard I pushed it. When we examined it further we found that one of the latches was broken so I refused to take it off the lot until it was fixed.

They fussed around & found a replacement latch then installed it on the spot. While this was happening, the walkthrough lady told me I should talk to the salesman because the vehicle had less than ¼ tank of fuel. He agreed to fill it up so we had to follow him to a local gas station where it took 199.6 litres (at a pump price of $1.24 a litre but they probably get a discount.)

I drove the motorhome back to Rosedale with Mike as co-pilot then we quickly got in his car & drove to the local liquor store for some wine.

The weather had been absolutely beautiful all day – clear blue skies with a top of about 22C so we sat outside on their patio & drank wine then Judy fixed a delicious dinner of home-made meat pie. We had to watch a Stanley Cup ice hockey playoff game between Edmonton & San Jose but I didn't have a clue what was going on so went to bed after the 2nd period.

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