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We got an overview of Rome today by riding the Hop on/Hop Off bus around several of the major sites. After lunch at our apartment & a siesta we headed to Campo de Fiori. Along the way we passed many little shops, vendor shops & restaurants and MANY people. A few minutes later we discovered the reason-we were at Trevi Fountain! What a beautiful sight. This is the fountain used in the classic movie "Three Coins in a Fountain". The tradition is you throw a coin over your shoulder into the fountain to insure a return to the beautiful city of Rome. would have to have a really good arm because there are rows of people behind the roped off area. The coins are collected to feed Rome's poor. The highlight of our walk was an impromptu concert by a group of seminary students sitting on the steps of the seminary. They sang several pieces acapella. It was capitvating and inspiring. We felt like we had been to church. A little distance farther, we came upon a mass of people exiting a glorious building-The Pantheon. We had no idea we would encounter 2 of the places on our "sites to see" on our evening stroll. Unfortunately it was closing so we will have to go back. Jim did, however, get several pictures before the massive doors were shut. By the time we reached Campo de Fiori (our destination) it was dark. What a vibrant piazza. It is known as the neighborhood living room and that's what it was. Here We began a wonderful recorded walk by Rick Steves. During this mile long walk we saw many of the piazzas, the Parliament building (the area was blocked off as a politician was being interviewed by a tv station}, the high end shopping mall that is in a somewhat renovated very old building plus learned a lot about each spot. The shopping area was closed but we were able to look in the large glass windows. By the time we got home it was 11:00 & we hadn't had dinner. All we could buy was prepackaged pasta! Fortunately i brought spices with us and there is olive oil here. It certainly didn't come close to last night's dinner. We were blessed with another beautiful day. We are sure grateful the 10 day weather forecast has been way wrong so far.

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