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Our first look at the streets of Pai

Baan Pai Riverside, our crib

CB reads on our bungalow porch

Guess how many steps there are?

The Temple on the Hill

See what walking all those steps gets you??

CB and RH enjoy the view

Easy Riders

Thunder Road

Don't ask...

The three of us at the waterfall

Three girls, three days, five liters of wine...

Hey all,

So for seven months, people have been telling us to go to Pai because we would love it. So the expectations were high as our non-aircon bus weaved through the mountains of Northern Thailand and dropped us off at the ultimate hippy haven, Pai (pronounced like pie). As soon as the bus pulled into the town, we knew everyone was right. It was the quaintest place we've been in Thailand. After arriving, we made our way to Baan Pai Riverside (a recommendation from several friends) and found ourselves sharing a cozy (aka small) bungalow. We dropped our bags off and headed out to explore the town. We found an amazing grocery store that sold wine and cheese (more on that later). Our first night, we layed low with dinner and some card playing.

The next day, we made our way the local swimming pool. After a refreshing dip we headed to the Temple on the Hill, a temple with an amazing view overlooking Pai, for sunset. We walked up 352 steps up and it was worth every step. Following the sunset, we went back to town to pick necessities for the week. Our major purchase was a 5 liter jug of wine. We went back to the bungalow for to get ready and pregame (open the wine). Following a few glasses, we were ready to hit up the bars. A friend of ours (Thanks Oliver Joe) told us about an American run bar, so that was stop number one. The rest of the night was involved drinking, bar hopping, and helping a fellow traveler, Leo. At closing time, we discovered our new friend Leo did not know where he lived except that it involved a bamboo bridge. In a moment of genius, we exclaimed that we, in fact, live in a bungalow over a bamboo bridge so we must be neighbors. So in the pouring rain, the three of us (Robin had had the good sense to go home early) headed through the mud to our bungalow. Of course, he didn't recognize where he lived in the dark, so we took him in and offered him our floor. Robin, who was already sleeping, did not enjoy the 5am party but the next day all was good.

Our third day in Pai, we rented motorcycles to go explore the waterfalls with our new friend Leo. Kate had an unfortunate incident with a motorcycle a few months ago (had a mini-crash the first time we rented them), so there was some fear to overcome. We drove about 7k out of town with Kate going extremely slow, but over the course of the day, she overcame her motorcycle demons. When we got to the waterfall, CB had a slight incident with her motorcycle and a steep hill (see the pic) but no worries, everyone was fine.

After the waterfall, we went back to the Temple on the Hill for another beautiful sunset. That night we were so headed back to the bungalow for a much needed wine and cheese night.

Our fourth day, we hopped on the bikes and went out to visit an organic farm our friend Oliver had also recommended (we love travel-by-Oliver). While there we got invited to go to the hot springs (more on the farm and the hot springs in the next entry). After an amazing trip to the hot springs, we went back to town to hit up the bars for one of our last nights in Pai. We did a similar bar routine we had the other night, but with no acquisitions : )

The next day, we headed to the organic farm to for a couple of days of natural livin'


Kate, Robin, Carla

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