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Outdoor World campsite in Wells, Maine. Tom's pulling the blocks out from...

Jonathan found a wooly catepillar and is checking him out.

Thursday, September 20, 2007.

Moody Beach Campground, Wells, ME

Morning Deliveries Then On The Road

Well,after staying up late (again), we all slept in this morning. Deb ran a couple errands earlier and brought lunch home.

Before leaving, Deb made a phone call about the air bed we had ordered back when we were staying in Illini Park in Marseilles. They weren't able to deliver it to Indiana. They did deliver it to Ohio after we had asked them not to because we would be gone before it got there. We wanted them to deliver it to Maine but it got delivered to Ohio instead. We called last week to have it delivered to Maine but here it was more than a week later and it had not arrived yet. Deb called this morning since it didn't arrive yesterday as promised. They gave her the tracking number and we got it tracked down. FedEx was great this time. It finally got delivered right to the door! Jonathan can't wait to have "his bed" back tonight. "Daddy snores" he says. That was our morning.

We have things broke down and are waiting for things to wind down now with work so we can pull out. We're headed for Robbinston, Maine. We will stay there through Saturday and it will break our driving up a bit between here and New Brunswick.

Jonathan has finished his school stuff for the day so he's happy. He gets to watch a movie and play computer games while we drive.

We have a shot of our campsite from earlier. We'll add those to the website tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Later in the evening:

We made it to Robbinston but later than we had hoped. Tom's work project didn't wind down for a while so we didn't get to pull out of Wells until 4:30. We DID see a moose crossing the road on the way up here tonight though. It was dark so all we could see was the outline under the street light but boy what a rack he had! No mistaking it for anything else.

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