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Cold and Hazy with the Clairborne Pell Bridge into Newport in background

Narragansett Bay

Layered Rock on Breton Point

On Brenton Point where the Atlantic meets Narragansett Bay

Starting to clear up over the Bay

An old ladder to the Ocean

Remaining walls of one of the grandest estates of Newport

A Newport Mansion

After a night of steady rain, it cleared enough and we began to explore Newport. After s quick tour of the historic district we headed to Ocean Drive and the spectacular views of Narragansett Bay and then the Atlantic Ocean. Loitering on the piers, watching the breaking waves and the sailboats in the distance and just feeling the ocean air. What gifts. After about two hours the skies began to turn from grey to blue and everything took on new life and energy. We walked through the entire Brenton Point State parks, soaking up the beauty and the history.

Then we headed off to the Cliff Walk. To access the start of the walk, we meandered with Tortuga, through the narrow streets lined with grand mansions and estates. We Also saw Salve Regina College where Lois's niece studied for a time.

The whole time we were seeing the mansions we were in awe of the beauty and at the same time making disparaging comments about the opulence and obscene reality that one family could claim so much land, scenery and resources for their summer cottage. Then we got stuck in an unmarked dead end. Through some miscommunication(your way, my way, what did you say, why go straight) when we were backing up into the driveway of one of those mansions, Tortuga had and encounter with a cement pole. The back end swung right when it should have been going straight. The back 2 feet of Tortuga were wedged against one of the cement posts that protected the security access for the large iron gate to the mansion drive. So there we were: Helen inching ahead with wheels turned one way and then inching back with wheels turned the other way, and Lois with a delusion of strength pushing on the side of Tortuga trying to free her from the post. All the while this is going on, we had triggered the security system and the metal gate kept opening and closing. The young man mowing the lawn on his red lawn tractor looked on with consternation and finally just walked away. So much ado and Tortuga was free. After assessing the damage, we went back to the WalMart parking lot, bought some supplies and did the needed repair work. Afterall, Helen is the caulking queen and Lois is the master of Bondo. We reattached the bumper cap, repaired a small tear in the vinyl and straightened the door for the propane cubby.

After all that we broke one of the codes of drycamping. DO NOT STAY AT A WALMART MORE THAN ONE NIGHT. Neither of us had the where with all to drive one more mile.

This morning we abandoned our WalMart homeland and headed for Cape Cod. We are here at Dunes Edge Campgrounds in Provincetown, MA. We need the slow pace of a moving dune.

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