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July 9 - 13.

I'm sure Portland, Oregon is a very lovely town with plenty of things to do. The problem is we didn't get out of the house very much so we really can't say too much about it. The Saturday Markets are fun & colourful and the Cuban restaraunt we went to was very good and it was easy to get around. There you have it. We had a weekend of relaxing and catching up after a few days of relaxing and catching up. It was great to spend time in a family home doing family things like playing board games and long conversations. Thank you Sheila, Ron and Corey.

And what better way to get over all this relaxing but to go to a hot spring resort for more relaxing. I can recommend Breitenbush Hot Springs for a good getaway from the rat race. 2 areas of tubs, including inground pools, a super sauna and reasonable vegetarian meals. I could do more of this hot, wet, nude stuff....

Ok, too much relaxing when your on a roadtrip is not good so time to get back to some serious trekking. We headed to Crater Lake and had another FUCKING experience. The image of seeing this huge body of water sitting in a collapsed volcano is wonderful. From the size of the lake to the colour and the steep terrain, it was all magnificent. Unfortunately the boat tours had not started yet so we couldn't do a cruise and had to be satified with a partial drive of the rim. This area is a must do for anyone travelling through Oregon.

A couple of hours from Crater Lake is the Oregon Caves National Monument. We did an afternoon tour of the caves that were first discovered in 1874 and have been preserved (and developed) over the years for everyone to enjoy. It was a beautiful to see the structures and the way the rock has been carved through the years. And it's amazing to learn the history of how these caves and other natural landmarks came to be.

From here we headed to California and the Redwood Forests for more amazing scenery.

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