2011 Triangle Tour travel blog

Beatiful day to be driving in California

Free camping right on the Pacific Ocean

Sue and I in the warm sun along the ocean

Searching for the right wave

Wipe out!

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

View from the RV parking area

"Dutch" welcomes you at the entrance

Is this question still relavent?

Sue takes the Oath of Office - Notice TOTUS is there

Air Force One and view outside

Air Force One - Boeing 707

What happened to this horse's legs?

Sunset view from RR's grave site


Piece of Berlin Wall

Ronald Reagan's final resting place

Part of our route to Malibu

A neighbor at Malibu Beach RV Park

The rain stopped and the sun was out this morningwith just a little bit of fog. The ride down the coast was beautiful. I needed to stop to make a conference call so we stopped near Carpenteria at a local park. I made the call, but it turned out I had the wrong day. It's tomorrow. Better early than late. The only problem with the parking lot at the park was that is was very narrow and and had a tight tight turn-around space so I had to unhook the car. We drove out of the lot and parked infront of a security gate to reload the car. As soon as I stopped a guy came out to see what was going on. I thought he was going to make us move, but once he found out what was going he just wanted to talk. Got some info about camping next to the beach just south of Carpenteria. Too bad we didn't know about it last night, it would have been worth the extra drive. He is an Elk and an RV'er. The Elks have campgrounds at their lodges around the country that member can stay in for minimal cost. He suggested we may want to join. Don't know much about the organization, but will probably look into it.

Once we got hooked up again, we continued our trip south. Route 101 from Santa Barbara to Ventura runs right next to the Pacific Ocean. Great view of the Channel Islands as you go by. There are alot of oil platforms in the ocean in this area. One was the source of the 1969(?) spill that led to the ban on off-shore drilling along the California coast that is still in effect today. A shame because there is lot's of oil along the coast that would help reduce our dependency on foreign oil and provide some revenue for a state that is broke.

We found the camping area the guy told us about. The sites are right along the road and you can take one on a first-come, first-served basis. Apparently they fill up quickly on weekends and holidays. Today there were plenty of spots open, too bad we can't stay for a couple of days. We enjoyed the great ocean view while we had lunch.

We spent most of the afternoon at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. Well done museum of the key periods and events of the "Gippers" life. Even though I didn't vote for him the first time around, I now appreciate his philosophy of government. Alot of his speeches still ring true.

After leaving the library after dark, we headed toward Malibu where we were going to stay for the night. Little did I know what was in store. It's another GPS nightmare. My GPS is set up for trucks so it should only pick those routes that are suitable for trucks based on the dimensions programed into the unit. Since I wasn't at all familiar with the area and it was dark, I followed the intructions to a "T". Bad move. The roads it led us on were some of the narrowest, hilliest, and potentially dangerous I've ever driven Winnie on. I put a section of Google Maps in the picture that might give you a little idea of the path we took. The 30 mile trip took us about and hour and a half because I needed to drive 15-20 mile-per-hour most of the way. It was nerve wracking. I can't believe this road was suitable for trucks.

We made it safely to the Malibu Beach RV Park. Only one more surprise before we could settle down for the night. The pull-thru site we were assigned was so narrow I could barly get Winnie into and extend the slide-out. We could practically reach out and open the windows of the RV's on either side. Not worth the price we paid for one night. We will be in San Diego tomorrow afternoon.

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