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Stone Fence Post

Stone Fence Posts in Parking Lot Above The Dam

Today we landed at another Corps Park in the Wilson Lake Area. We love the Corps Parks and we especially loved the many water sites that were available at the Wilson Lake Corps Park.

One of the fascinating things about this area are the miles and miles of stone fenceposts. The early settlers had problems finding wood on the treeless plains so they started quarrying rock to use for posts. North Central Kansas is known as the Land of the Post Rock.

According to the Corps internet site "The stone used for posts and homestead buildings was quarried from a rock layer found near the surface. This rock is a chalky limestone of rather uniform thickness, 8-9 inches. When freshly quarried, it is soft enough to be sawed, notched, drilled, or shaped with hand tools. After prolonged exposure to air, it hardens and becomes weather resistant."

There are also loads of interesting stone buildings from the same quarries in the area. We saw stone churches, homes, barns, a really different round jail, and bridges that are still standing.

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