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The green, green, green of Texas

Historial Home from 1830

An Old Village we ran across.

Old Village home

Jim fetching me some water from the well.

Jim taking organ lessions.

Old Village dwelling.

Old Village home.

Goin' to town anyone?

Another old dwelling in the village.

Hi All, We are now in Nacogdoches, TX. If was a beautiful drive from the Dallas area. We think this part of Texas is very pretty, so green now and a lot of trees. We love to see all the beautiful brick homes around here, so are almost like mansions. We went through a model home for the fun of it and it was very nice and a hell of a lot cheaper than Oregon homes. Amazing! We are going to see some sites here today if I can get Jim moving. We ended up seeing two historical sites today. One was an old home built in 1830 and had two owners. Sam Houston was a good friend and stayed there often. The story behind that was educational, glad we took the time for that one. The other historical site was a place called Millers Crossing, it is an old village that started back in the 1800 also, quite an interesting story behind that Village. Until later, Jim & Kathy

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