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Delat town centre

Wierd Vietnamese shrine


Easyrider tour

Chicken village

Working the fields

Delat Lake

Minority village children


7:30 am bus to Dalat - it seems as if we've spent half of our honelymoon on a bus! But it's also the best and cheapest way to get around thius country...

Arrived in the lovely Dalat, a town nestled in the mountains with perfect climate year round. Because of this, they produce the best produce in the country! First stop, lunch. Had fresh strawberry shakes and Vietnamese spriong rolls for lunch. Mmmmm.

We had heard about these local bikers called Easy Riders who will give you a tour around the area on the back of a motorbike. Sounds a bit unsafe - but this is definitely the way to go! Wasn't long after we arrived that we got approached by on eof these guys -- spoke fluent English and let us choose the sights we wanted to see. He and his brother would be our tourguides for the day for $12 each.

They picked us up the next morning, (with helmets, don't worry) and off we drove into the sweltering heat of Vietnam. They took us all over - from a coffee farm to a Chinese Pagoda to the Chicken Village (so called bc there's a giant stone chicken at the entrance to this town) where we saw them weaving silk scarves and making incense, to a gorgeous temple overlooking a lake to a guest house called the Crazy House. All along they told us the history of the area and waited for us as we explored each place. After about 5 mis didn't even realize we were on the back of a bike and thoroughly enjoyed the entire day.

That night went for Happy Hour at the Saigon Hotel, where we had Tiger beer on ice. Mmmmmm, cold drinks are a rare breed here... Then decided to go where the action was - basicvally the only other bar in town called the Peace Cafe. Here we ran into a couple people from a previous bus trip, including the crazy hippy guy in his 60's who we now fondly refer to as Freebird. He literally told us to "keep on rockin in the Free World" as he left the bar. Had a giggle about this with a lovely German woman whom he had latched onto and had been talking to all night. Aside from the headache she acquired, she ended up joining us and dragging her boyfriend out of bed so he and L could talk football. not a crazy night but a great way to pass the evening.

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