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Entering Death Valley NP

Very colorful

Hot but not to bad

Zabriskie overlook

Death Valley Selfie

Borax Mining Site

We would go below and as much as 4000 feet above

Pulled by the 20 mule team

Old coach

Father Crowley Vista

A lot of movies have been filmed in this area

Selfie at Mt. Whitney Portal

Majestic seems to be my favorite term

Falls at Mt. Whitney Portal

Narrow winding roads

Off roading again

Looks like a setting for Mars

Delicious meal in Lone Pine

Today we crossed Death Valley. Although we did come across an area of sand, it was not what either of us expected. It was beautiful with color and different elevations. The lowest point in Death Valley is 282' below sea level and at times we climbed 4000 above.

After dropping our camper off in Lone Pine, Ca, we walked around the town and went to Mt Whitney Portal. It was beautiful up there and I was amazed how many hikers were hiking the highest peak in Southern USA. David wanted to take the Raptor off road again. The rocks in the area look like Mars. A lot of movies have been filmed around Lone Pine.

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