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The entry sign

Jefferson Davis, only President of the Confederate

Hostess and the orignial clock. The clock still works

Guest bedroom. (I love this little cabin)

The Main House

Shows the Katrina damage to the main house. All other building were...

The back portion of the reception room

Sitting room

Beauvoir view of the Gulf on a foggy AM

The original entry gate still stands

Beavoir HANDPAINTED ceiling

Detail of the ceiling

Dining Room

Detail of Cypress wood doors, painted to resemble oak

Girls bedroom

Another view of his bedroom

Another view of his bedroom

Davis's bedroom

A harp sits in the sitting room

Peliguin drying his wings

and, still drying

Fishing (or looking for fish)

Thursday we made the 1.5 hour trip to Biloxi MS. The Cajon RV Park was only available Thursday night. Since we arrived early we made an afternoon trip to see the area with all the casinos and go to a Seabee Museum that we saw advertised.

Judie’s dad was a Seabee in WW II and she was interested in their history. The Museum was on a military base and we had to get a pass to go on the base. We did not realize the requirements to get a pass. We had to fill out paper work so they could do a background clearance on us and we had to have proof of insurance on our vehicle. Our proof of insurance had expired so we had to call our insurance company and have them fax proof of insurance to the Base. After what seemed like ½ an hour we had our pass to drive on the base to the museum. The museum had a nice history of the Seabees and a display of historic items. The lady in the gift shop told us that a lot of the display had been moved to Port Hueneme due to the hurricanes. Even with that we enjoyed the displays and history that was still there.

On our way back to the coach we stopped along the beach and went for a walk on the sand. Although it was cloudy and cool, we had to get our feet in the Gulf of Mexico! The water was warmer than the air temperature. We went to a local casino for dinner and a little enjoyment before retiring for the night.

Friday morning we packed the coach and drove it to a large casino parking lot to leave it while we went to tour Beauvoir. Beauvoir was Jefferson Davis’s (the only President of the Confederacy) home after the Civil War while he was writing his memoirs. The National Historic Landmark was heavily damaged by Katrina. All the buildings except the main house were destroyed and the main house had 1 foot of water in it during the 25 foot storm surge. The porch of the main house was destroyed and most of the furniture damaged. They have done a great job in doing the inside of the house and still have 80% of the original furniture after refurbishment. They have rebuilt a couple of the seven out buildings that were destroyed and have a large library under construction. It would be fun coming back here in a couple of years to see it when it is finished.

Judie is amazed with all of the expert faux painting in the main house. The artists (man and wife) lived in a RV on the property for thirteen months and painted seven days a week for the entire time. They even painted the cypress wood doors to resemble oak wood. The detailing is truly amazing.

After a great visit to Beauvoir, we hooked the ‘toad’ to the coach and made the trip to Robertsdale AL.

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