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Black bear dining along the road.

Is that Dancer or Prancer?

Muncho Lake, what a beautiful color!

Our campsite at Laird River Hotsprings

The lower pool. Janet, it's only about 105 degrees there!

The upper pool. It's green and deep!

The day started out kinda cloudy, but turned out to be pretty nice. We only had about a four hour drive until our next stop, so we didn't rush to get going. We had barely got back on the highway when we spotted a black bear dining along the road. There wasn't much traffic yet, so we pulled over to the side and got some pictures. It didn't seem to bother her as she just kept on munching. That's about it for the wildlife this day. Oh, we did see a couple of sheep and one lone caribou. It was a beautiful drive through the mountains of northern BC. Lots of streams and lakes. One absolutely georgeous lake we passed was Muncho Lake. The minerals that have dissolved in the lake make the water a deep blue-green color. I hope it shows up on the pictures as it was truly amazing!

We needed fuel again so pulled into a station at Muncho Lake. Sticker shock again! We thought Fort Nelson was bad, but it was worse here - $1.27 per liter! Figure it out folks, I was afraid to! We were pretty low and had a ways to go, so got $80 worth. I hope it gets better.

An hour or so later, we pulled into Laird River Hotsprings Provincial Park. Another nite of boondocking coming up, and guess what, it's starting to rain. We found a very nice spot and got settled in, and so did the mosquitos! Everyone and their brother that travels to and from Alaska, and many of the locals, visits Laird River Hotsprings. The water that comes from the springs ranges from 100 to 120 degrees F. There is a slight hint of sulphur smell, but it is not too bad. The water feels oh so good! The closer you get to the spring source, the hotter the water is. There are two pools, the lower one is shallower and clearer and has a pool for children. The upper pool is deeper and green in color. They say that it is about 3 meters deep. I got in and back-stroked out to the center, but I didn't check to see how deep it was. You ain't gonna catch me diving into something where I can't see the bottom. Who knows what's down there?

The water was so relaxing and was so welcome after a long day's drive. We had another campfire until the rain drove us inside. We will sleep good tonite!

Tomorrow it's off to Watson Lake and the Signpost Forest. Come on along........

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