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Us having cosmos...finally :)

Bernie and the band

Herly and Bernie waiting for Henry

More waiting for Henry....we love to entertain ourselves

Mmmm your water looks so tasty

Not quite sure how to feel about this elephant

Hmmm, really not sure how to feel about this elephant

The fab four

schneider at peace with a buddha

for mother's day - we love you moms!!!

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's some giant moths!

Hey everyone,

So after many weeks of searching, we finally found cosmos in Thailand, at a superfancy hotel lounge. We got dressed up, packed up the bird, and headed out for belated birthday (kate's) martinis. We had a great night and even found ourselves on stage. Okay, so the actual band was on break and we just stood up there for the photo, but it was still loads of fun. We now consider our mission for martinis completed.

The next day, we got our party hats on (birthday cone hats), grabbed the bird (again), and headed for the Chiang Mai airport to pick up Henry. Welcome to Thailand HENRY!!!!!!!!!!! After a warm welcome, we took our new traveling buddy out for a proper Thai meal (which may have been a little much on the first night, but we were just so excited our judgment was impaired).

Henry's first official day in Asia, we went took him to Doi Suthep, a temple on the top of a mountain in Chiang Mai. On the way to the restroom, Carla found an elephant (it's Thailand) and we all had a great time feeding it. After that, we talked up 306 steps to the temple. It was beautiful and the view over the city was amazing.

That night, we introduced Henry to the night bizarre (which is different than the night market and a lot more farang friendly). We sampled food from various venders (including garlic bread...quite a treat) and then went back to our guesthouse for a little drinking and card playing.

Following our day in Chiang Mai, we boarded a bus to the border (our visas were up, so that was all the time Henry got in Thailand). We took an eight hour bus ride north to Chiang Kong, to cross over to Laos.

So that's the end our Thailand adventures for now (CB and KK will be heading back to Thailand in a few weeks....they just can't stay away :). On to adventures in Laos.


Kate, Henry, Robin, and Carla

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