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A pretty Cathedral (in the rain!)

The famous São Paulo Theatre

Big buildings everywhere!

The view from another famous building here - it's 41 stories high

Gerlan and Tara at a modern art exhibition

Another famous exhibit (apparently people from all over Brazil come to see...

Yes, it is indeed a chicken and Bamboo in the city of...


Bee's live in this house made from a Cabaça


Gerlan and Da being donkeys (there is a sculpture with donkeys in...

Stuffing it with as much chocolate as possible!

Chocolate freaks!

Sao Paulo reminded us very much of London (it rained all the time we were here, and it's grey with lots of big buildings), so we felt very at home here! We only stayed for one day, but enjoyed it - we had a look at some of the sights in the centre in the morning, and then met up with one of Da's Mom's friends, who showed us a modern art exhibition and a beautiful rainforest park (with chickens & cats & fishes & horses & innovative beehives & huge trees!) in the student area. It was great to make a new friend and to have someone to show us parts of the city we would't have seen (thanks Gerlan!!).

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