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Our return to clamming, Sunday noon! Mt. ReDoubt or Mt. Iliama in...

An awesome site of one of the peaks of the four volanco...

Many clammers out there, even with the high winds

Rob, getting ready to clam

Bob and Jake gettin' on the gear to clam!

A stranded old boat, and the village of Ninilchik in the background,...

Rob and Bob, during thier first clamming experience

Kiki and I driving up to Kenai in the Jeep, with Jacob,...

IZE=3>July 20th, Sunday….amazingly, the sun was still shining, for the third straight day, but the wind was howling. We were scheduled to leave the tiny town of Ninilchik, and head north 50 miles to the peninsula’s largest town of Kenai. However, Bob and Rob heard how much fun clamming can be and wanted to share in the experience of it. The four of us trekked down to the beach, as we did the day before. Clamming was a definite “no” for Larry, so he and Dar thought they’d make their way up the Sterling Hwy. to Kenai, check in and get themselves settled.

We arrived on the beach after the lowest tide time for the day; approximately, 12:00 noon! We still had a awesome and grueling 2 hours til the tide came back in. Jacob showed Rob the techniques of the clam gun; I tried desperately to find “dimples”. Unlike the day before, today was different…the high winds made it difficult to find were the clams might be in the buried black sands. We continued on looking; finally, Jacob spotted a slew of “dimples” near the high water mark of Cook Inlet. We dug, we dug, and we dug some more. No clams! We were not give up so early. Walking inland a short distance proved to be more productive….it was like we discovered gold. Finding a clam for the first time is very rewarding, and it almost becomes addicting. Soon Jakes hand had been feeling the pain of being the only digger from the day before; I left, and walked back to the motor home to play his guitar.

About an 1 ½ had passed, the winds never gave up blowing, and we left the beach as the tide came into shore. Not as many as the day before, but still a good 1/3 of a bucket full of clams. I decided I had to make clam chowder that evening.

After stopping along the way, in a remote bar/restaurant, for lunch, we came into Soldotna. Fred Meyer is the big chain grocery store, something like a Walmart, and of course, we stopped to shop. It must have been 6:00 that evening before the Alfa and the Jungle Cruiser found the high cliffs of the mouth of the Kenai River and the Beluga Lookout RV Park; we pulled into out tightly rented site, clean clams then turned them into a very large pot of some pretty good tasting clam chowder. It started to rain!

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