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9/19/2014. Friday. Look What's Looming Ahead!

Another brrrrrrrrr morning; It was 37 at 8am. I considered catheterizing Enya so I could take her out at a more humane temperature but Anita said no. It's easy for her to say no as she remains buried under a pile of blankets while the dog and I fight the elements.

The first stop on the agenda was to visit a typical farm from the 1700's-1800's that was prevalent in this area. The Farm Museum was a series of buildings including a barn, wood storage house, a farmer's house, hen house, and pig pen,etc. There were period-dressed interpreters that explained how the people livedand worked in those days and we found it very interesting. It reminded us of Williamsburg but only better.

We walked into a house and there was a man weaving on a very large loom. As we talked to him about the workings of the loom, it became evident that this is a much more complicated devise than I imagined. He explained all the parts of the loom and how each part worked to weave whatever design he had planned. My head was spinning just thinking about how someone went about inventing this intricate piece of equipment. We talked with him for over 40 minutes and were amazed how he worked the loom. He said you would have to spin wool for 9 months in order to have enough yarn to weave on the big loom for 1 month. He also said it takes 40 hours of labor just to set the yarn up in the loom before you can begin weaving. There is a lot of mathematics involved in weaving on such a large scale.

The museum had a great old time carousel that took 20 years to refurbish and get running. There are over 18,000 10W bulbs that cover the ceiling of the carousel! It was truly a work of art.

After spending 2 hours at the Farm Museum, we drove over to the Fly Creek Ciderery to have lunch and snoop around. Anita ordered Mac and cheese for lunch and I requested the pot roast sandwich. The Mac and cheese were ok according to Anita but I have to admit that my pot roast sandwich was spectacular. The pot roast was tender, juicy, well seasoned and piled high on a freshly baked roll. My mouth is watering just writing about this luscious sandwich! We walked around the Ciderery and the store and after sampling our way through the store we didn't see anything we couldn't live without.

We saved the Ommegang Brewery for last because we wanted to spend a little extra time there. The brewery is nestled in a valley and the buildings look really neat. They brew Belgian beers here and I paid my $3 for the tasting they give after the free tour. The tour was ok but there was so much noise in the brewery that we couldn't hear the tour guide. The tasting, however, was great. They lined us along the tasting bar and handed each of us a 4oz glass. The guide said we would start with the lighter beer and work our way up to the darker ones. All of our beers were on tap which made it nice. We were to taste 7 beers but my favorite was the Rare Vos, a World Cup beer! Unfortunately, Rare Vos is a bar beer so I couldn't buy any. I bailed out of the tasting when the guide started pouring the darker beers. Bud Light guys don't appreciate these crafted beers. The brewery has a great looking restaurant on the premises with a menu to die for. Since we are extending our stay here in Cooperstown through Saturday, I am taking Anita to lunch at the brewery.

Saturday is laundry day and lunch at the brewery and maybe some photos at an orchard.

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