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Epcot Center entrance

The Epcot center ball

White Ibis hang around

USA band


Japanese Drums

The Epcot ball across the lake

Outstanding weather!

Thursday we again took the shuttles to Epcot. We used the boat to take us to the far side of the lake where we stopped our exploring on Tuesday. We continued our way around the lake from Italy with the first stop at The American Adventure 30 minute show. Then it was on to Japan and lunch, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada. We enjoyed the Canadian circle vision show with 360 degree screen.

We decide to take the boat back to Japan to relook at the Bonsai that we saw earlier. After some discussion we bought a small Juniper Tree and seeds for Chinese Elm and Red Maple. We now have a new hobby while on the road. We jumped on the boat back to Canada and then shuttled back to the coach

After returning to the coach and resting for a while, we decided to go to Downtown Disney to pick up souvenirs for various family members. We had a nice walk and shopping experience but after 5 hours at Epcot we were once again worn out.

Friday morning was a short relaxing period before packing up and heading down to Sarasota for 3 days of R and R before going to Naples. We enjoyed our stay here, watching the families around us with bikes and scooters and anything with wheels! Also, we were in the pet section of the camp and the dogs got to meet lots of new friends. Especially fun was the Great Dane who laid down to visit and play with Tobie! Tobie has also learned the joys of squirrel watching, either on walks or from the dash of the coach. We are certain that it would be easy to simply camp in Fort Wilderness and never visit any of the Parks; there is so much to do there.

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