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Canthou cathedral

Making rice paper for springrolls

Mekong delta used for everything

The wife! AKA Her indoors!

Living on the Banks of the Mekong delta

Floating market

Floating market









We decided we had had enough of the corner restaruant and that we would have to leave it to get to Cambodia. Question was how? Tour companies offer 2 and 3 day tours to get you into Cambodia - or you can take a 7 hour bus ride to the border and then 4 more hours to Phenom Penh. We really wanted to see a floating market we had heard so much about. Unfortunately, that is only included in the 3 day trip. Oh well. $22 each bought us a bus ticket, all sorts of fun stops along the way, free room both nights and 3 meals. Not bad.

What fun stops, you ask?

* We saw how to make rice paper, rice krispies and coconut candy - all by hand

* We saw how they make vermicelli-type noodles - also by hand

* We visited a rice factory and learned how rice is produced - this was machine.

* And we got up at 6am one morning to go to the floating market. We expected to see hundreds of row boats competing for space with women selling everything from apples to zippers (like we saw in the picture). But what we saw were mainly big boats buying mostly fruit from a few small row boats - very sleepy and tame. Was still an experience but truly disappointing, especially since we added a day on to the trip just to see that. Oh well...

Oh, but there is always a story, isn't there... We had dinner at a local restaurant with the "English speaking" tourguide. We asked him if there was a bar we could go to afterwards. He had no clue what we were asking despite sign language and even the international word, "beer." So we wandered around and finally found an outdoor bar/ cafe. Ordered a few beers and were wondering why it was taking so long. Next thing you know, a guy pulls up on his bicycle with beers in hand and puts them on the table. They had to go ou to get them for us. We then ordered a bottle of water a bit later and same story. Apparently we were limited to fruit juice. Good thing we didn't order food...

We opted to skip day 3 of activities and jopined up with the rest of the tour later that morning on the boat.

What we did get out of the waste of time was meeting 2 sisters, Kat and Ali, who traveled with us through Cambodia as well.

4 hours on the boat and we were in a new country! Got off the boat, went thru passport control, got the stamps in the passports, then onto yet another bus into Phenomh Penh.

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