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Bennett Springs is so peaceful

Lots of activity here!

Hmmm, casting is really tough

The Spring bubbles out of the ground in foreground

She caught one!

So happy, we are

Koi fish shopping

Bark shards sticking out of the soft ground

And, more bark on the gound

Lightning damage

Rural Memmonite home and retail

Birds below the feeders

Headed to town


Leaving for home

One ornerey pony

Rural School with loafing sheds for the horses

We had planned a 5 night stay in Lebanon and parked in Linda and Joe’s driveway. We had emptied the 2 waste tanks and filled the water tank in preparation for the stay. We have a 20 amp plug in from the house to keep the batteries charged and will use the inverter or generator if needed. We actually stayed 6 nights and did fine with the waste tanks. It helps when you shower and eat in the house, no gray water in the tank! We did have some morning coffee in the coach while Ed worked and Judie was on the computer. We never ran the generator since the weather was cooperative and we did not need air conditioning.

Linda and Joe are great hosts, and had planned several outings for us. Ed had work to do on Tuesday so Judie and Linda had a girl’s day out shopping and lunch. Judie found a replacement coffee pot as ours fell on the floor during a rough road period and would not work. We followed up on Wednesday with a trip to Springfield for more shopping which included a trip to Bass Pro. Ed found a bug repellant shirt to wear when we have mosquitoes in the evening. We also found a bonsai and Koi nursery where we enjoyed the Koi and purchased a flowering Bonsai tree. A nice Chinese lunch and we took leftovers home.

Joe and Linda were looking for some more Koi for their pond so we made a trip to Ozark Fisheries in Stoutland, about 30 minute away. This is a wholesale fish farm that specializes in Goldfish and Koi. They have been raising Goldfish since 1928. They have many ponds on 3 farms all fed by natural springs. Combined with their cattle ranch, there are over 1700 acres on the ranch. The staff was very helpful, even though they are not set up for retail and sell almost exclusively to whole sale customers and ship everywhere. Joe is a great, persuasive talker who convinced them to sell him four to five 12 inch Koi. We were shown several tanks with the size and type of (butterfly) Koi we were looking for and then they placed about 10 Koi in a small tank for the final selection. Linda and Joe purchased 4 Koi in the 10 – 14 inches size. The fish were bagged, pumped with O2, boxed and Ed and Judie rode in the backseat with the fish. Not the worst critter we have transported, quiet, but restless in the bags.

After our fish farm visit, we went to the Elbow Inn in Devils Elbow. It is a Bikers Bar that is known to have good bar-b-que food. Linda had taken her dad here on his 90th birthday. It was a cultural experience. No bikers in the middle of the week. The front of the bar has only parking spaces for bikes and we had to park down the road and walk. As we entered the bar, we saw that the bar ceiling had 100’s of bras of every size, color and type hanging from the ceiling. Judie and Linda did not donate to the collection. You can only imagine what goes on here on the busy weekend with the bike crowd. There were a few tables in the adjoining area which was the dinning area. They only had a few items on the menu and all bar-b-que. We all ordered ribs and were not disappointed. Lots of food and we took half the ribs home for another meal. Judie came back from a restroom trip laughing. She reported they had a plywood board on a bath tub and it was made into a lounge with a covering and pillows. We enjoyed the good food and experience.

Friday was Joe’s birthday so we went to Lake of the Ozarks for his birthday dinner and met Linda’s brother Jim and his wife Marg. This is an upscale restaurant with a specialty of fried lobster. Ed had a great French Onion soup and split the lobster salad with Judie. It was fun to catch up with Jim and Marg during our visit.

Saturday we made the short trip to Bennett Springs for lunch and a trip to the Mennonite area to look at some shops and shop at their store. All the retails buildings are near their houses and not very well marked. Linda had been here before so she knew her way around. It was fun looking through a furniture and garden shop and shopping in the store. We bought some old fashion candies and fresh tomatoes.

Sunday morning we awoke to dark skies as we went the house for breakfast and a last visit. A thunderstorm moved in during breakfast and we heard several very large bangs of thunder close by. After breakfast Ed went to the coach to finish packing and saw large wood splinters next to the coach. The lightening had hit a tree about 10 feet from the coach and blew off a lot of bark. Everyone came out to look and Linda said this is the second time this tree has been hit. It now is missing bark from about half the tree. After that incident we pack the final items and said our goodbyes. A very good visit always has sad goodbyes, but the visits are worth a little sadness.

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