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Koh Phi Phi was the Thai island that both of us had been looking forward to the most during our trip, and we were not disappointed! As the ferry from Phuket got into the Tonsai harbour on Phi Phi, we both were speechless by how beautiful it was...crystal clear water, the whitest sand beaches, all surrounded by huge limestone cliffs jutting hundreds of feet into the sky...

We found a great place for a pretty good price (Phi Phi isn't cheap!) and hit the beach. The island is so unique, it has two bays that are separated by a tiny stretch of land in the middle, and at one spot on the island, you can stand in the middle and look out both ways to the ocean.

Phi Phi seriously felt like heaven...we spent our days kayaking, snorkelling, tanning, and taking advantage of the sweet nightlife there, and the bars that offer FREE (the backpacker's favourite word) all you can eat barbeques at night. One great night, we went to Hippies bar for the free BBQ and I entered the "musical chairs" competition. Well, we all know Im pretty competitive, and this was no exception...the prize was a free bucket, and once again, anything free is the best, so I had to win was like the drinking version of musical chairs...after the music stoppped, the host would announce an item that we had to grab from someone in the audience...luckily Matt was there, and this other couple we had met, who majorly helped me out...when the announcer said we had to get a guys pair of boxers, it was Matt who fearlessly stripped off and chucked them at me, which secured us a free bucket...great night overall!

Our favourite day there was the day we went on a sunset snorkelling and boat trip to Maya Bay, which is the set for the movie "The Beach". We left around 4:00 and went snorkelling to the appropriately named Monkey Beach, where the cheeky monkeys chased Matt right into the water when he tried to take pictures of funny! I've never seen him run that fast! After Monkey Beach, we headed to another harbour, where they dropped us off into ocean, and we swam to this hole in the limestone cliffs.

After carefully climbing through the hole, we found ourselves on Phi Phi Leh ("little Phi Phi") is a National Park, so it is totally undeveloped, and so beautiful. We walked through a little bit of jungle and then stumbled down a path into Maya Bay...normally during the day, there are hundreds of tourists there, but by this time, it was almost six a clock, and there were only around 50 people...we were so lucky to see the beach almost deserted, and it truly was the most amazing beach we had seen on our trip. Like in the movie, its surrounded by limestone cliffs, and the water is like a piece of glass...we both felt like we were dreaming!

After Maya Bay, we kayaked back to the boat, then had dinner at two islands in the middle of the ocean as the sun set...definetly one of the best days of our lives, and of our trip!

Our second to last full day in Phi Phi, we went for two dives with a local dive company. We hadn't been since Koh Tao, but as soon as we geared up and hopped in the water, it all came back to beautiful! The visibility was way better than Koh Tao, and the ocean was perfectly calm on the boat ride out...we saw a sea turtle, leapord sharks, and countless schools of one point we were inside such a big school of fish that you felt like you couldn't get out...the coral was amazing in Phi Phi too, with some that we had never seen before...

Phi Phi was seriously like a dream, and we stayed there for eight nights...we had to literally tear ourselves away from there, and move on to Koh Lanta...don't worry Phi Phi, we will be back one day!!!

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