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One of several resident monkeys that live in the trees of our...


Our first trek to the stunning Lopes Mendes beach (it's only a...


Not a bad view





The 2.5 hours was definitely worth it!





Tarzan Tara again!!



All these crowded beaches



They are only cousins of crocodiles - nothing to worry about!!

I'm sure we will find our way back

Oh, we seemed to have ended up on the other side of...

We found a guide to take us back


Trying to get them to go back home to the other side...

Trying to pack up our tent but someone is causing some problems

Moving in to our little camp site apartment

We're going diving



There she goes














Da's happy to be back on dry land


Our second trail



She found the prison

The aquaduct

Tara on top of the aquaduct

We start our challenge up to the highest point on the island...

We seem to have picked up another guide! funny that: the human...

Using our GPS to mark our way - the bamboo forest have...


It's a well marked trail


Adding our little rock tower



Waiting for us


Well this is the 'neck of the parrot' - we are just...

Our very tired guide - but he got us to the top

A little bit tired

Yeah! we made it! (our campsite is in that town somewhere)

The Parrots peak

It's just too amazing

Tell her to come back over here!











This part of the Brazilian coast is just one slice of paradise after another!!! Ilha Grande is a huge island, with lots of beaches, trees, and trails, and no cars. We stayed in a campsite with monkeys in the trees (and a gheko on our tent!), and loved it here. We spent lots of time walking (Da would like to point out that the walking was often very hard!!!) the trails between beautiful beaches. We also walked up to the Pico de Papagaio (Parrot's Peak - looks like a parrot's beak!), which is 990m high and over a couple of valleys (and Da grumbled most of the way!!). Other people pay around ten pounds per person for a guide, but our guide only wanted biscuits!! - a very helpful dog heard us ask where the trail started at the tourist information booth, and led us all the way up, and back. We also went scuba diving (Da was very keen to use our new skill!!) and saw an Angel Ray, and a Sting Ray, which were huge, as well as lots of fish and starfish. We left when a national holiday made it too expensive to stay, and made our way to Rio.

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