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Rob's catch of three sockeye salmon on the Kenai Rv.

Three sockeye sprawled out on the ground; ready to be processed for...

A walk down the same pathway of the Bear Attack at the...

The exact location in the brush where the young girl was attacked..the...

Bob, at the rivers' edge

Pretty purple flowers near the edge of the Kenai River

A one and only, along the edge of the river

A wild mushroom along side the rivers edge

Upper Kenai River (we rafted this section)

I tried to frame the photo of the river within the branches...

Back at Kenai Lake

Kenai Lake and the Chugach Mountains

A small restuarant I stepped into just to take a few photos...

A small fishing boat on Kenai Lake

An unusal sign for northern Michigan

<FONT SIZE=3>July 25th…Friday. Besides Jacob’s flight being cancelled in Las Vegas, we moved to another camp site across the river, due to non-availability at the Kenai Princess RV park. Not anything in comparison, we were still hoping for a cancellation that would take us back there until Sunday.

The sun decided to play peek-a-boo all day long. I truly wanted to capture some good shots along the river, however, I’m still trying. Bob & Rob spent most of the afternoon on the Kenai River, fishing along shore. Both of them were able to get a couple of hits, but no fish landed. I spent most of the day updating the journal.

They returned to the motor home with zero fish, but they were excited about their sighting of a mama bear grizzly and her two young, directly off shore, about 200 ft. from where they were fishing. Bob stated that the mother grizz’ was fishing for her young; basically, finding the left over remains of the anglers catch of sockeye. Unfortunately, neither Bob or Rob remembered to take along one of our 4 cameras on their fishing trip; no photos are available. Bummer! Here, you are to toss the remains of the fish back into the rivers after filleting. The trout seem to feast on these remains, making the trout fishing very good in the fall. Neither Bob or Rob were too pleased with my catch of the day; two nice sized sockeye salmon! I didn’t even have to put on waiters, deal with a rod and real or snags in the river bottom; I just walked outside the motor home and a very nice man from the Midwest offered me his afternoon’s catch, (he was shocked after he found out the cost of shipping his 2 fish back home). I figured that’s the way to fish, from now on!

During the afternoon, we got news about a cancellation back at the Kenai Princess Lodge; we decided to head back there for our last two nights on the Kenai. We’re planning on walking the trails, or fishing from the shoreline; This past Wednesday night was the closest that I will ever want to be to a BEAR ATTACK!

July 26th & 27th…Saturday and Sunday. We awoke to heavy low hanging clouds, and then some rain! After moving the motor home back across the Kenai River, the to Lodge, Bob & Rob decided to try, once again for sockeye on the Kenai. I spent most of my time updating the journal in the wonderful and cozy atmosphere of the Kenai Princess Lodge.

Six o’clock came rather quickly. With much excitement in his voice, Rob announced to me that he had 3 sockeyes…Bob, zero! I had no one there to provide my catch for me on this day, but at least there was some fish to be cleaned! These “reds’ were on the pink side, so therefore they were processed to be smoked once we arrived back home. Still all in all, we had more fish! We enjoyed the remainder of the evening relaxing and making plans for our final day in Cooper Landing.

Sunday morning was a good hot tub morning…for just Bob and I. Still watching for a brown bear to stroll through the campground or around the lodge grounds, we headed for the spa! The remainder of the day was spent driving around in the Jeep, hoping the clouds would allow a few last good photos of Cooper Landing, the Kenai River, and Kenai Lake; before departing for Anchorage the following morning.

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