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We are currently in a campgrounds in Wells Beach, Maine. We have been dealing with electrical problems with Tortuga. The converter in the coach died, so we were using an extension cord to get electricity into the coach to run the Cpap machines at night. This felt a bit dangerous since there was so safety against shock if the cord got wet or shorted out. Also the inverter we use to run the Cpap machines from the extra marine battery died. Thus we are in repair mode. The converter has been replaced. The inverter is another story. Because the inverter for use with medical devices is quite specific and more expense than the regular inverter, no one had one in stock. We found one on the internet, but then had to find an address to send the package to. RVing Women, a camping group we belong to proved very helpful. We found a member who lives in Saco, Maine and she agreed to have us send it to her address. Should arrive on Wednesday. In the meantime we are slowly exploring the beaches and shops up to Saco. (May stop in Kennebunkport to give our regards to the Bush family.)

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