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Had a nice leisurely morning, drove to Newport, picked up crab and oysters and headed over Hwy. 20, which is a lovely little old two lane road to the Williamette Valley. It arrives in the Valley in Albany. We really enjoyed the fall colors, beautiful yellows and a rare red tree here and there. Sunny weather and gorgeous surroundings.

About 8 miles from Philomath the truck engine stops dead as we were cruising down a small hill!! Praise God that there was a farmhouse with a lovely driveway area that just accommodated our rig!! (note, there are very few 'wide spots in the road' here) Ed did a great job 'strong-arming' the truck and trailer onto the shoulder, with about 1-2 feet to spare.

After looking for quick fixes, we called the Good Sam Roadside service. Pam, the call center gal, did a fine job of arranging the tow truck, the appointment with Ford and the KOA reservation in Albany. The first tow truck arrived after about 30 minutes, and he called the second one to tow the trailer. We were on the roadside for about two hours.

We learned that it's tough to use the potty with semi-trucks whipping the trailer about, that it's scary when the semi-trucks get too close to the white line, and that little yappy dogs in the backyard of the house give up that behavior after an hour. All stuff we needed to know, I guess.

The tow truck guys were really nice and we were safely delivered to the KOA in Albany. Mike said we're not the first folks to experience this adventure.

Ed came to the campground and picked us up after work so we were able to de-stress and watch a good volleyball game. Chey's skills seem to have improved just in the short time we've been here. The team is still undefeated and the coach is trying to schedule a play-off game with the Corvallis league. We're both pleased that we have been able to go to her games.

We got home is time to watch 'Dancing with the Stars' and go to bed for a well-deserved rest.

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