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Marshall with Judie, Ed, and Chey

Chey on horseback

Chey walking with Grandma

Love the Sunsets

Another sunset

Waves pounding the rocks

Sea Lions on the sand bar

This guy's talking

Basking in the sun at Newport Harbor

Newport Marina

Chey and Grandpa

Love this photo of Chey

and another

Ed checking the ocean

Just beautiful

Sea Grasses

Wildlife at the beach

Wind Surfing

Thursday we picked up our Cheyenne and headed to Yachats to stay in the Sea Perch RV Park next to the Ocean. It is a small park but has great views over the ocean and easy access to the beach.

While driving over to Yachats, we received a call from Judies cousin Marshall who was on a trip through Oregon. He had spent some time in Lincoln City and was going back to Portland but was willing to come south to meet with us for a while. We picked a spot in Waldport to meet and had a nice visit while looking out at Alsea Bay. It was good to see Marshall since he is now in AZ and we don’t see him much. Back to the coach for the evening and a meal with Chey. We had Chey plan the dinner menus so we had food she would eat. We started with Lasagna Hamburger Helper, which is not on our normal list of meals, but it was good. We then went to the clubhouse and played pool with Chey. We had a good time with our challenge games. Chey plays a good game of pool.

Friday was our day to go to Newport for a visit to the old town area along the harbor. Ate lunch at a new spot called Sail Inn with Chey. We enjoyed the food and will return. Walked along the harbor shops for some looking and saw the sea lions lying on their dock. We made our way back to the coach and hamburger sandwiches for our second menu item. Another evening of pool in the clubhouse with a good time for all.

Saturday we packed up and headed north to a Coast to Coast RV park north of Lincoln City called Neskowin Creek RV Resort. We found this park to be ok, but not on the coast (although it wasn’t very far north to get back to the ocean). This was our night out for pizza so we tried Neskowin first, but the pizza restaurant was closed. We next went south the short trip to Lincoln City for pizza. Unfortunately after all our work finding a pizza place, none of us thought the pizza was any good.

Sunday was the girl’s day to go to the Lincoln City Outlet stores. Ed tagged along to get lunch with the girls and bought some kitchen items. We decided to go horseback riding on the beach on Monday and made reservations for 1 pm. At the coach we made dinner and tried to go to the hot tub only to find out it was closed that day due to a pump breakdown.

Monday we headed to Pacific Beach early for the horseback riding so we could have lunch at a local restaurant. Found a good local café and had a fun lunch with Chey before our ride. When we arrived at the corral area, the wind was blowing and the horses were not back from the morning ride. After a short wait the morning ride returned. We were told the wind was blowing hard on the beach and spooking the horses. We were given the choice of riding in the state park, in trees behind the dunes or not riding. Little did we know we should have chosen not riding but we said we wanted to ride. We had another mother and her young daughter along on the ride. That made up our group along with 2 wranglers (mother and daughter).

We trailered the mile to the state park parking area and entrance. We were all given horses to match us and they had a specific order for the horses. Judie was last in line and Ed was in front of her. The trail ride was in sand dunes with trees and bushes growing right to the trail. The trail was up to a foot deep in sand and a couple of feet wide in some areas. During the early ride we realized the wind was still blowing enough to make the horses nervous. Judie’s horse spooked a little, crow hopping once in a while, but it was blamed on the horse needing to pee.

About a half hour into the ride, and a couple of miles from the start, Ed’s horse reared due to something in the bushes; and, Judies horse spooked and threw her off as she reared and turned. Judie landed on her back on the ground covered with small branches and twigs. Ed dismounted and tied his horse to a tree to get to Judie and then his horse spooked again and broke the reins. Now there were 2 horses loose. Judie lay still for awhile to recover and check things out. Then she slowly got up with help. She was very sore but did not seem to have anything broken.

After some discussions the wranglers said she had 3 choices. Get on a horse and ride out, be air lifted out after getting to the beach or walking out. Judie did not think she could physically get up on a horse much less want to and she did not want to be air lifted. That left walking out. Ed got Judie to her feet and she was able to walk. She found a walking stick to help and started walking with Chey, who wanted nothing to do with riding a horse after Grandma’s fall and the spooky horses. Ed helped with the horses for a few minutes and then caught up with Judie and Chey.

One wrangler (the mother) rode with the other 2 riders out to the trailers while the daughter stayed with the horses until another person came to help get the horses out. It must be said that she directed the other wrangler to her spot by saying that it was the trail where they had seen the bear! It was a long walk but Judie did a good job with the adrenalin helping with the pain. Wondering about the bear story helped her move along! Part way out we met a man walking with his dog. He knew the area and gave us directions for the shortest path out. He then decided to walk with us to make sure we were ok. What a nice thing for him to do and we enjoyed his company and conversation. The wrangler came back to help us after they got the horses out. She was able to get Chey to finish by riding on her horse. We made it out after about an hour walk and were met by the vehicles to take us back to our car. They did not charge us for the ride and offered to give us a free ride the next day. Overall they were very helpful and caring but probably should not have done the ride with the wind blowing and the spooky horses.

We drove back to the coach and got Judie on ice and heat to help with any swelling or pain. Leftover’s for dinner and early to bed for all. Tuesday we made the trip back to Harrisburg and returned Chey to her home. We had a real adventure with our week with our granddaughter.

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