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I'm an Oscar Meyer Weirner

who remembers this?

We do!

This shrub has berries also!

Oregon berries

Carrie's boats coming back to Depoe Harbor

This is the only way to view whales!

Lazing around

Our sister boat and buoy full of sea lions

Whale blowing

that is a gray whale. right there!

Lighthouse near Depoe Bay

Sunset in Newport


Setting up camp

Back to their chair

Studying the view

Path to the lake at our site

Nice spot

Sun thru the trees

Such an awesome tree root

Beautiful treed area

Full Moon thru the trees

Kinda early morning .

Setting up camp

View from our camp

Love the bark

Tuesday we drove over to Newport to meet Judie’s brother Tom for a few days. Tom had never visited the Newport area and was curious why we and his daughter Cori enjoy it so much. We left the coach at Elite in Harrisburg and drove the Escape to Newport where we made reservations at the Whalers Motel for 3 nights. We arrived a little before Tom and registered at the Whalers. We have always enjoyed the ocean view from the Whalers and it is reasonably priced.

Tom arrived and had a story about missing a turn and stopping in Shedd (not far from Harrisburg) for directions and also got some recommendations for restaurants while having lunch at the Shed Market. We had suggested eating at Local Oceans Seafood along the water front which was on Tom’s list. We arrived early before the crowds so we did not have to wait long. This was a great meal enjoyed by all. We walked around the area so Tom could see the Sea Lions on their dock and some of the water front shops before going back to the Whaler.

Wednesday we enjoyed more of the Newport area with Tom and tried to eat dinner at Saffron Restaurant but they were closed on Wednesdays. The next one on Tom’s list was Georgie where we have eaten before. We had a window seat in the Lounge which was great to watch the sunset. We had a great dinner along with the great views.

Thursday was our day for whale watching. Judie had made reservations with Carrie to go out with her to view whales. She is so passionate and knowledgeable that the trips are always fun. We saw 2 whales during the trip with one of them playing around the boat. Tom got a real surprise when it went right past the front boat, giving us a close up view as it dived. It was another great experience with Carrie.

Thursday night we went back to Saffron for dinner and did not have the best service or food. This will not be on our list for future visits.

Friday we went back to Harrisburg with Tom. He stayed at the motel at River Bend Resort. We picked up the coach and moved it back to River Bend. We had a dinner planned with Ed and Evelene at the Rodeo in Harrisburg so Tom could see Ed and meet Evelene. It was a great visit, lots of visiting and catching up. We had breakfast with Tom Saturday morning before he left and headed back to Portland to fly home.

Tuesday, RV Glass Solutions came to the RV Park and replaced the windshield. Wednesday we went to Elite and they replaced our Dometic refrigerator with a Samsung residential refrigerator. This means that the refrigerator can run only on 120 volt power. We have an inverter to convert the 12 volt battery power to 120 volt but we will have to do some experimenting this weekend to see how long the batteries last before we have to charge with the generator. The refrigerator fits in the same space as our old one, but gives us 50% more space inside without the gas burners in the back. The refrigerator is great with the French doors which give us the full width for large items, 50% more storage and a large freezer drawer with a working ice maker that dumps the ice in a container. We also had the new bedroom TV installed in a new cabinet door hinged off the old cabinet which gave us the entire cabinet for storage. Great work by Elite.

Friday we met Ed and headed up to Green Peter Lake for a weekend camping with Ed, Cheyenne and Evelene. This is called road camping because the camping spaces are along the road between the road and the lake. We set up in a spot we had spotted the night before and left some camping equipment to reserve it. Ed brought their 4-wheelers so he and Cheyenne could do some riding. The 4-wheelers were used a lot with everyone but Ed going on rides. Yes, Judie went on a ride with Chey after Chey gave her a lesson on riding the 4-wheeler. We also got to use the kayaks on Sunday but had quite a ride. We went down wind to start, the wind picked up, and we had to fight the headwind on our way back. Boy, did we get our exercise on the trip.

We learned during the weekend that we could go about 8 hours on our batteries with the refrigerator running along with other loads before we had to recharge them. This allows us to charge them at night before we went to bed and did not have to recharge the batteries until we got up in the morning. It was a great 4 nights camping with the group.

Monday we drove back to River Bend and when we got back we had another stress crack in the windshield. This will be another project for the week to work with the insurance company and installer to see if we can get it replaced.

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