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Papparazi spotted me, thats why some b'stard stole my tshirt!

Mindell Beach Market entertainer, Darwin

Top entertainment in our hostel

Hopefully the closest we'll come to a sharks mouth

The Tortoise

They invented this after T's driving..ha ha..sorry darling

Termite Hills in Litchfield National Park

Our morning wake up call.

Bulley Rock Pools, Litchfield

Queen of the Roads

We landed in Darwin bright and breezy after a 6am departure from Perth, not very good planning on my part!

Anyway on arrival we found out that it was the Darwin Cup the weekend coming, "what's that then, soccer?" well you can imagine what sort of reaction that got from the locals,

"It's a horse race stupid!", well how were we supposed to know.

Anyway this meant that there were very few beds in Darwin that week, so we managed to move around every night through various different scummy hostels, how they get away with charging $60 a night I will never know, but being all full must mean there are enough stupid people out there ready to pay it!

The reason we flew to Darwin was because of the weather to which we were not disappointed, it was 32 degrees every day, hooray. The main task for us was to find some form of transport to get us the rest of the way around Aus, so we went on the prowl to look for a campervan.

For those of you who have ever had the misfortune of looking at rental properties, this is about the same, you go looking at peoples houses and generally they are old and knackered and definately not clean.

As with most things the first one we saw we bought, but not until we had spent 3 days looking at others.

Eventually we bought from an old Kiwi couple who had everything you could possibly need in a van, including the kitchen sink(ha ha), but seriously we have a cooker, crockery, cutlery, fridge freezer, microwave TV/Radio and the kitchen sink, bloody marvellous!

So after prising the money from my tight grip we exchanged pleasantries and headed on our merry way out of Darwin headed South into Litchfield National Park.

We had to decide whether it would be Litchfield or Kakadu, after a lot of research mostly speaking to people in pubs and selling their vans, Litchfield won the day, locals name the other park Kakadon't so we decided on Litchfield which we were very glad of.

Spent one night in the park in The Tortoise, (which it will now be known as)and were awoken to the not so beautiful sounds of Cockatiels at 630am and here starts everday now, with the abundant bird life which Australia has to offeR.

Well, it's OK if you're a bird spotter I suppose, but not for the Upshalls!

The Park was a great opener to the National Parks of Oz and after 2 days of exploring we headed further South to Katherine Gorge, join us there.

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