2011 Triangle Tour travel blog

San Diego skyline from the water side

Hospital Ship Mercy

USS Freedom - Littoral Combat Ship-2

US Naval Ship Bob Hope

Ohio Class submarine

Naval Security keeping watch

A great day for sailing

Paul, is this a catboat?

Gull soaring along side the boat

San Diego sea lions relaxing on the floating docks

"The Kiss" - Statue of Alfred Eisenstaedt photo from Times Square VJ...

A view of "The Kiss" from under the bow of the Midway

Bob Hope Memorial

Bob Hope

"Thanks for the memories"

Sue and the mime

Heron in the harbor

USS Midway at sunset

The World's Largest Lemon

We took a 2-hour tour of San Diego harbor today. It was a great day to be on the water with temps in the upper 70's and clear skys. Most of what we saw was the best the US Navy has to offer. After the cruise we strolled over to the park next to the Midway to see "The Kiss" statue of the Alfred Eisenstaedt picture from VJ Day in Times Square and a memorial to Bob Hope's career of entertaining the troops. Represented in the memorial were troops from all era's and services.

At the exit from the park Sue found one of those mime's that stand motionless for hours awaiting someone to drop money in their bucket. Sue gave the guy a buck and he danced for her, shook her hand, and posed for a picture. He was pretty good.

To top off the day we went to an Italian Restaurant in Lemon Grove and after dinner we visited "The World's largest Lemon", and other roadside attraction.

Sue is heading home tomorrow morning. Sigh.

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