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Strange to be back in The States. Well, I'm in Miami, Florida for 3 days and I must say it's good to be back in my own homeland. There are many things I don't like about my country but, all in all, there are more things I love about it. The first thing I noticed from the plane as we flew in was the symmetry. The highways, the housing additions, the commercial districts, even the vacant lots have a sense of order that is missing in the other places in which I've been recently. And the choices!!!!! I've never been much of a fan of Subway sandwiches before but when I ate there at the Puerto Rico airport I almost cried. I forgot about all the choices that we have here in America. Five types of bread, meats, cheeses and a fair value for the money, even in the airport. Good thing there was a long line because it literally took me 15 minutes to sift through all the options.

Now I'm in Miami Beach with all of the "beautiful people." This is a place of ostentatiousness on a level I've never before seen, even in Los Angeles. Breast implants, liposuction, and collagen augmentation are advertised with a fervor befitting a society where beauty is the norm rather than an exception.

The beach here in South Beach is long and sandy but............ I think I was definitely spoiled by the beaches in the West Indies, especially the ones in Barbados. Those were the nicest beaches I've seen outside of the paradise that is Hawaii. The beaches here are currently dominated by college students doing beer bongs, teaching each other how to do a proper "devil sign" and throwing up in the sand (I arrived during Spring Break). I always wanted to spend Spring Break on the beach and this experience has cured me of that desire. It will be much easier now to accept that the collegiate version of Spring Break is a rite of passage I missed out on and that's OK.

I have a problem with Expedia because they charged me twice for my flight from Barbados to Miami and they are not being very helpful in solving the situation. In fact they are putting the blame on me or American Airlines or anyone else they can find in order to "pass the buck" and avoid responsibility. More hours spent standing by tethered to a public phone trying to reslove something which should never have happened in the first place. One quick tip for Expedia: they should change their "on-hold" muzak from the one Beethoven tune that plays over and over to at least two different songs. It would help the people who have to be on hold for two hours and more to be a little less irritated when a live person does actually get on the line.

Sorry to rant but ................. they suck !!!!! Orbitz has better customer service and they screwed me up way more..

Hoo Wee!! I just got my camera back !!!!!!!!!!!!

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