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The Gang

Falafal stand- for a midnight snack

Our Nasty Room @ the She-Boy Brothel- needless to say, we only...

Wat at Sunset

At the Monk ceremony for our friend Yuy's Cousin

The Monk

What do you Want?

Food at the ceremony---they just kept bringing it and bringing it

Thai Kings 60th Anniversary Celebration

In the Tuk Tuk

Shauna learning how to spin fire...

funny dog

Kris and Nick--strange indeed

Yuyi and Kris

Tying baloons in Kris's hair so we dont lose him

Shopping for fruit

Drinkin the "Buckets"

Kris no hair arrived to Bankok and started slammin down these "Buckets"

After drinking....

Look at those feet!! That's Bangkok feet for ya!

Snack time...


Shauna on the train to Krabbi...

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Dancers at the Monk innitiation. I guess to show them what they...

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Nick eating buggs...

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Shauna spinning her "balls"

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Kris drunk talk....

Alright, I'm getting a bit behind on our post's, Shauna is always saying we'll do it tomorrow. But tomorrow has come and gone at least 5 times...

So we returned to Bangkok to try and figure out where we were going to go next. We originly planned on heading up to Loas but we had heard horror stories about crossing into the border from Viet Nam. So we booked a cheap flight to Bangkok from Hanoi, and guess who met us on the plane?

Kris with hair from Belgium! What a surprise, he had just returned from trekking and was heading to Thailand as well. So we were happy to reunite with him again.

After landing at the airport we all decided we needed a Whopper, yes they have Burger King in Thailand, it was delicious. And don't blame us, Kris actually suggested it. They don't have Burger King in Belgium and he loves it so, for him we had to. So we got a taxi into the city with a strange girl we met after getting off the plane who insisted that she could get us all a good fare on the taxi. She was interesting to say the least, and she failed to get us a good deal so it was kind of a waste of time to put up with her constant talk about how her country is the best in the world. (Isreal)

That aside we arrived near Ko San Road, but we had all decided we did not want to stay on the street as it is a bit too much and kind of annoying after a few minutes. So we wondered around with our packs sweating and looking for cheap rooms. Finally we stumbled on to a guest house tucked in a dark alley. It was quite a surprise after we had checked in and we realized it was a brothel for "She-Boys". One was trying to share a bed with Kris, he politely refused of course... All night though the "She-Boys" walked around with no shirts on possibly forgetting that they now had fake boobs and should be wearing shirts now. Apparently, "She-Boys" dont have to wear shirts even if they do have implants. We only stayed one night and that was to long. Plus the room was disgusting and I discovered when I woke up that there was bird shit on the bed. I dont know how that got there.

Kris had told us he had some friends in Bangkok and we had hoped we could meet up with them so they could show us around. So the first night he got in touch with Yui his friend he had met before. We met up with her and her friends and the partying began....

After the clubs closed at 1:00 am(early huh?) they serve beer on "The mats" on this side street where the cops usually don't go by. It is funny to watch all the drunks stumble back to the mats and continue to drink themselves into a stupor. Many times they end up passing out there.

One other great thing about the mats is they have a "Fallafal" stand next to them. It is this great pita filled with all kinds of veggies and good sauce. Great for drunkin munchies. Um, now I want one.

Well we had a few more nights like the first one and the fun started to dry up at the end. I can only go to the same places and do the same thing so long I suppose....

But on the second day before the night began Yui invited us to her cousins Innitiation to become a monk. Apparently, most Men in Thailand live as a monk for some time before they get married. Usually only 1 week to a month or some times longer. So they throw this huge party for them. We couldn't understand why they had the gogo dancers shaking there thang in front of these poor guys right before they had to go into celebecy, maybe to make them stronger? Who knows. Once a monk you can not touch a girl at all or even touch something that is touching a girl. They can not drink alchohol only water(but they had quarts of whiskey at every table during the celebration) and they can only eat one meal a day which you guessed it is rice. They gave us so much food we didn't even make it through half the servings before we were all ready to explode.

The celebration was great and I am so glad Yui invited us along.

We had a great time in Bangkok so much in fact that when we were offered jobs to teach English at a great salary for a long period of time we almost took them and stayed in Bangkok. We thought about it for days.... We realized that it would be easier if we came home first and maybe returned later, we are just too knackered. We miss our friends and family too much and we are getting low on cash. Plus I have no records or music with me to DJ with (I was offered dj gigs as well)

So maybe soon we will return to live in the city.......

We decided to catch the night train to Krabi, the beach town in the southwest of Thailand and off we went!

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