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WWII tug

Kewaunee's lighthouse

Kewaunee's harbor

Mom's in jail!

one of the cells now holds dolls and other toys

painting done in local crops - won 1st prize at a fair...

Carved mural of Custer's Last Stand at Little Big Horn

Sheriff's house and jail

It was a short jaunt from Oshkosh to Kewaunee - only a 2 hour drive and a little less than 100 miles across more corn and soybean fields. We asked and found out that farmers plant soybeans or alfalfa or wheat to have the soil get back nutrients it needs to grow corn.

After setting up camp, we rode around town. There are a couple of parks that are hard to get to and a lighthouse that people can walk to but no go in. The tugboat moored in the harbor was built in Kewaunee and used in WWII to pull a barge that supplied arms for the Normandy Invasion. The tug was captured in North Korea during that war!

Up a hill in town is the County and Jailhouse Museum and that was very interesting. The sheriff and family lived in the house and the jailhouse was attached in the back, with 5 cells. It was used continually from 1876 to 1969! There is a story posted about how one guy tried to escape by breaking off the bathtub foot, clubbing the jailer, then getting away for awhile. He was caught in a stolen car in the next town to the north - Algoma.

There are a lot of artifacts left to the county by its organizer who died in 1911. He became a rich man and had married 4 times. The third wife was a cousin of the governor of Wisconsin. I think all his wives died and left him their fortunes. Hmmmm. We saw his silver pieces, calling cards used by Victorian ladies who went calling on neighbors on a certain day of the week, fancy clothes of the period, and just lots of other things like a gramophone, an x-ray machine, a dentist's drill (ooh that was an awful looking thing!), and a wagon/sled used by the resident doctor. There were 3 floors full of lots of stuff and a very nice old woman volunteer at the door to talk to us about how things came to be here.

There was something that must be a great treasure by now - a letter written by George Washington asking for specific charges to be given to some criminal so that he can be charged and tried after General Benedict's trial! I can't remember why it is here, but it has been proven to be authentic!

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