Panama to Alaska 2008 travel blog

The ruins at Palenque

Did the Mayans have buses?

The Agua Azul

Robin besieged by bananas

Hard work

San Cristobal

The Sumidero gorge

A day full of interesting sightseeing and a great drive.

The day started with the Mayan ruins at Palenque - our sixth, but every one is different and this was true again today. We were able to climb on some of the monuments and therefore to admire the structures and carvings on top as well as the views.

On to the ´Agua Azul´ waterfalls which really were azure. Robin had a swim and was mobbed by children selling bananas.

After that we had a long climb from near sea level to 2440m and our next stop: San Cristobal del Corzo, a Colonial Town with cobbled streets, beautiful churches and pastel painted buildings. We stopped for a short walk and a peep in the cathedral.

As if that wasn´t enough, we arrived at our destination, Chiapa, just in time to join the boat trip (high speed) to the Sumadero gorge. Amazing scenery but the highlights were an adult crocodile walking into the water and about 15 to 20 baby crocodiles on a rock at the side of the river.

Finally, dinner with the Patchetts at a pizzeria where the pizzas had clearly been made by someone more used to preparing tortillas! The toppings and the plates of fruit were excellent. Jane said that her ´super Hawaiian´pizza was one up on Tesco.

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