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Now that's a big dump truck - Construction at Klaune Lake

Crossing the Border

An overnight at Border City

Delta Junction - the end of the Alaska Highway

The Alaska Pipeline crosses a river

Extreme Makeover house in North Pole

It's Prancer, one of Santa's Reindeer

We'll stay here for a couple of days

We had to spend a few extra days in Haines waiting for parts for the RV. They finally arrived, so we were on the road again. We pulled out this morning heading toward the Alaska mainland. Once through customs, the highway winds out of the valley in a long, rather steep climb. At the summit, it was raining and very foggy. With the fog, we were not able to see the beautiful snow covered mountains we had witnessed on our way in. The fog finally lifted and the beauty of the area was again very evident.

We stopped in Haines Junction for fuel and then got back on the Alaska Highway, headed toward Tok. We had heard about construction in this area and did run into some road work at Klaune Lake. It wasn't too bad and didn't slow us down much. What did slow us down though were the frost heaves that started just west of Destruction Bay and continued all the way to the border. Driving was quite an adventure. Along the way, we did see two swans, a large black bear and one moose.

After crossing the border, we stopped for the night at the Border City Lodge and RV Park. We turned in early, so we could get an early start in the morning.

Our mail had been forwarded to the Post Office in Tok, so we stopped there to pick it up. After fueling up, we headed on toward Delta Junction, which is the end of the Alaskan Highway. A little further down the road, we stopped at Rika's Roadhouse and Landing for a quick snack. This roadhouse was built for those traveling the Valdez to Fairbanks Trail. It became a center for gold trading, freight traffic and hunting parties. We took some pictures of a section of the Alaska Pipeline. On this drive, we spotted three more moose.

Our grandson had left us a message for Santa Claus, so we decided to stop at Santaland RV Park in North Pole, Alaska. The Santa House is right next door to the RV Park. While grocery shopping, we found out that Extreme Makeover was building a home right here in North Pole, and tonite was to be the unveiling! We decided we would go out there for a quick look. Well that was a mistake, because we ran into hundreds of people waiting to yell "Bus driver, move that bus"! Janet squeezed through the crowd to get close enough to take a picture of the house. With all the people around, we didn't see any of the staff. The unveiling time kept getting set back, so we decided to leave. We will watch it when they air the show on September 24.

Back at Santaland, we went over to see Prancer and Blitzen, two of Santa's reindeer. We walked back to camp and called it a night. Tomorrow we will do the tourist thing in Fairbanks.

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