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Life is hard

Another panda

Another panda

Another panda

Another panda

Red Panda

Charlotte with panda

Ducks in the road

NB we have lots of lovely Panda photos that will come shortly - this internet cafe does not have a computer that is compatible with our photo card reader :-(

We have arrived safely in Ya'an. En route we stopped at the Panda breeding centre and took lots of photos of very photogenic Giant Pandas. They also had red pandas and I got a photo of Charlotte with one on her lap.

It was raining again this morning, but when we arrived at Chengdu to see the Pandas it was hazy sunshine.

The car has got absolutely filthy over the past couple of days - especially yesterday, driving behind trucks on muddy roads. In some places the banks were being washed away by the rain and running in muddy rivers across the road. Where we turned off the expressway this evening into Ya'an there was a car washing place. The owner and his wife attacked the car with pressure hoze and soapy sponges but to little avail. Then they got the brush out and I grabbed the sponge and now we have a fairly clean car. However when looking or some tools this evening I found that the floor behind the front seats was absolutely soaking. Possibly this is from the pressure hose, but it may be that we were taking in water in the rain. Anyway, the insulating material has had to be thrown away and I have left the carpets hanging out to dry while we have supper.

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