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Lee and I spent more time in the Butterfly Conservatory than Danica and the kids did but, of course, we were getting pictures!

When we finally came out Danica was sitting on a bench reading children's books to the kids. They are easily kept occupied!

After we left the gardens, we decided to get something to eat. Danica wanted to eat somewhere where she had dined when she want to Iowa State so we decided on pizza (I know not diet food)! We went to Great Plains Sauce and Dough. If you have never been there, have the thin crust pizza! I was in the mood for real pizza so we got the regular wheat crust. Well, their regular crust is a whole loaf of bread. They take the side and roll them into a braid that is about 2" thick! Then they give you honey to dip that hefty crust rim in. The large pizza had a pound of cheese on it - no, I am not stretching this - a whole pound - we asked! So, we each had 1 piece of pizza and we were full. We took the rest home! However, we have to say that was some GREAT pizza!

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