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Today we changed base from near Baden-Baden to near Freiburg in the southern Black Forest. We had contacted them via phone (not internet which we preferred) with the aid of the receptionist at our last place who spoke English and German to make sure they could take our “big baby” and we had been assured they could. We got to the stellplatz and found a place had been reserved for us but it was too small for us even overhanging at the back we would have been overhanging by three of four feet into the road. It also sloped quite badly. We looked around and saw a parking bay by the stellplatz which was flat and where we could easily reach the electricity and checked with the reception of the Vita Classica Thermal Spa who owned the stellplatz. No problem and when the lady came round for the money she also said no problem. It had been a bit fraught!

Internet access in Germany has been a bit of a nightmare. There are the occasional T-Mobile Hotspots, only occasional Wi-Fi at stellplatz or campgrounds, no Wi-Fi at the plentiful cafes around except if you can find Starbucks etc. Using our British dongle would be like writing a solid gold cheque to the telephone company. We had even looked at buying a German dongle but that was very expensive for very few MB’s. We expected Germany to be way ahead in the game considering they are the leaders in cars and any electrical equipment in Europe. An added challenge!

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