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This is Toledo. A medieval city south of Madrid

This is my friend, Nils from Germany (Hail Nils !!) at the...

Nothing standing in our way, so far !

I wanted to stop and enjoy the moment but Nils kept relentlessly...

You got up top, Nils, and I'll take the others !!!

This is the reward for our chivalrous battle

Our next target, the ancient Castle of the King

Nils had split a nail in the battle below, so I paused...

I employed one of the native concubines to take my picture (actually...

Here's the narrow streets we fight for !!

Ancient clothing store

The Main Cathedral. I've never seen so much gold in my life.

Skyline view

Front entrance to the Cathedral

Gothic, they tell me

A fresco in an inner court of the Cathedral

Nice angle and light

Cool swords and armor and fighting utensils for sale in this town

A view of the Spanish countryside. Imagine the armies riding into the...

This Cathedral has the chains of people they released from slavery in...

From the Castle looking toward where we took the earlier photos (turns...

Here's The Good King Sonny and his faithful companion, Nils, after a...

My friend from Germany, Nils and I (we missed you Mike) went to Toledo on a beautiful spring day and proceeded to overrun the city. It all started becuase of an incident at lunch when I was charged 1.50 Euro for extra mayo and ketchup. Nils was livid and you know how out of control Germans can be !!!!!

----- Now back to Madrid -----

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