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101 Cafe in Oceanside, CA

101 Classic Cheesburger and Diner Classic Fries

Papa Burger

Does this scene look familiar?

The street in the previous picture leads here. Recognize it?

California Angels stadium in Anaheim

Winnie at Orangeland RV Park

Gift from Orangeland

Christmas is getting closer

Grapefruit tree

We headed up the coast today to Anaheim. Along the way, I stopped in Oceanside to see the 101 Cafe. Since it was lunch time, I had to eat. Turned out to be a good choice. My 101 Classic cheeseburger was good as were the fries. I balanced the meal with a salad. According to its web site, the 101 Cafe began its life as a small 20-seat diner in 1928. The restaurant was noted for its breakfast, which is still served all day. The Cafe was on the old route of Highway 101 hence the name. The diner enjoyed the traffic generated by Highway 101, which was the main access from Los Angeles to San Diego until 1953 when Highway 101 was relocated to the present location of I5. The diner has changed over the years, but has been in continuous operation. More information on the place can be found at the web site (http://101cafe.net/.

Oceanside was also the location for some of the scenes of a great 1980's movie starring Tom Cruise. I posted a couple of pictures to see if anyone remembers the movie. This You tube video has quick glimpses of similar scenes if you want to cheat http://youtu.be/8O6Ki39PIpA. Unfortunately the house from the movie is the last one standing on the block and is falling apart. Not sure what is going to be done with it.

The strangest thing happened on the trip. Winnie almost ran out of gas. I hadn't put gas in since before we got to San Diego last week, but the gas gauge showed 3/4 full when I left this morning so I wasn't too concerned. As I drove up I5, it seemed like gas was being added to the tank as the gauge was reading nearly full. I've been getting pretty good gas mileage on the trip, but I don't think Winnie has turned into a refinery and has started making gas as we drive so I figured I'd better get some gas. After trying to get into a Shell station and not being able to fit, I had to drive through alot of San Clemente's residential streets (narrow and hilly) to get back to the Shell station. No luck on the second pass because of the location of the pumps. I continued down the road to a Mobil where I was able to manuever up to a pump. When I finished pumping, I had put in 74.5 gallons in a 75 gallon tank. I don't even want to say how much that cost a California gas prices. It looks like I'm not going to be able to rely on the gas gauge for the rest of the trip.

We pulled into Orangeland RV Park within walking distance of the Honda Center where the Flyers game will be Friday. It's a pretty nice place. Lots of citrus trees around the park that have ripe fruit on them that is free for the picking. This was a good choice.

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